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waiting for GYAN from CAT '04ers :satisfie:

the question(no points for guessing)... will i or will i not

n comng to profile

XII: 88.4
B Tech ECE : 59.08 (think this did me in)
CAT %ile
99.39 ---- 99.72(DI) / 97.9x(QA) / 90.08(VA) .... :

GD: decent-- spoke abt 5-6 times ..making sense at least 4 times.
PI: cooool PI... but spoke a little more than asked for. :)

OVERALL--- keeping fingers crossed.. AGAIN :
pratsha aka dmitri

PS: seniors please throw some light on the waitlist...

hey mods..:thumbsup:

please dont lock this thread.. oo please Oh pLeaSe O PLEASSEE ... i wake up every morning in the hope to see ppl post here.. irrelevant, arbit stuff(like this one) and it gives me great pleasure to c that there r ppl like me.. anxious and no one to turn to BUT to PG:crazyeye:... i dont expect this site to be of any help whatsoever BUT as a stressbuster.. trust me... IT HELPS!! ... let the ones who dont want it here go elsewhere ... but please Oh pLeaSe O PLEASSEE ..let this go on... for lesser mortals like myself whose only job is WAITING! .. n im sure u understand its a long BAD wait!!

thank q..
pratsha aka dmitri

PS: junta... we're almost there...

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hi huys...

for those of u who r in for an HCS project...this is what has happened... enthu junta can ples post here if u guys have anything to say...
since we dont know the nature of the work... we have the freedom to choose something to wor on... so...go ahead n fill the thread

this is what happened in the past 2-3 days...

bottom's up!

Uday tekunmala wrote:
Pratsy!!!!!! Thanks a ton for the certs! U r the best! :D

Raring to meet all of u folks! :)

On 2/24/06, pratyusha wrote: nxt weekend it is??? gr8!!

me feels a strong agenda is a must...
my sugestions'd b
a) decide how much time we r willing to spare
b) how many ppl can we rope in
c) can we look at other orgs too?
d) apart frm there stg else we can do?
(well...apart frm organizing MUNGAs :P)

feel free to add to the list...

pratsha aka dmitri

PS: uday... gr8 to c u back(read subbu's PS on HCS)...
certs r ready..yeah..finally..

--- Uday Prakash Tekumalla wrote:

Hey! Cool to c so much happening here! Was out of
town for a while...

So where r we meeting up?


On 2/24/06, shwetha peddireddi

oh next weekend wud be perfect..cya

Subject: Re: Hello
Date: Wed, 22 Feb 2006 14:07:16 +0530

Hi all,

It seems we have good enough people to start
> with... Is it a good idea for all of us to meet at some
> place and discuss about
the kind of projects all are interested in and the
> work done previously by
some of you...

>How about next weekend? Any convinient place would do.....

On 2/22/06, shwetha peddireddi wrote:

hey ppl!
too god to start a new project..count me
in...i can work only on
though..and some hours during weekdays...coz
am kinda busy wid myn semester now!
well some of us were wonderin abt taking up a
new project
it is mvf...damn good ..let me knw abt da
meet ..hoping to meet most

gang there...
till then..

ketan said:
ntly shifted to Hyderabad and
looking forward for
work with MVF. Rather than going ahead as a
individual, I thought
it would be more effective and focussed
effort from me, if I join
people already working with MVF on various
projects. This yahoogroup
is not very active, so in case some of you
people are still in touch
with MVF (or know ppl who are working for
MVF), kindly introduce me
to them.

Thanks and Regards

thanks n regards ...
pratsha aka dmitri

PS: 1 o'clk in the nite is NO TIME for PSes!!!!!!!!!

FINALLY... back on "hyderabad community service" !!:)

im surprised to c so many posts on this thread...

Shameek aka arboreal tarantula

are all in for some action on the HCS front.

some more ppl will join once we have something concrete..

we can proly start immediately if we go to MVF and c if they can accomodate us somewhere... one thing we need to keep in mind is that we need to keep in touch with them.. coz this is where there is miscommunication.. we call n we work.. (thats commitment i guess ) ..

ravi said MVF has an anti child marriage drive.. proly we can chip in:grab:

also..for those who havent got the chance to know abt MVF... i suggest u try n make it to a weekend trip to one of the base camps.. u can understand the nuances if u see their work urself.. wil take abt an hr to go... so proly its all going to b abt 6-7 hrs...a weekend shud suit u'll fine.

what i felt we can do is
a) If u r an MBA grad, u can proly have a brain storming session(im not .. ..) on how u can organize events and proly how u can hit on the sensitivities of the aam junta(in villages) what kind of a campain can appeal to them n stuff..
also, how they can broaden horizons n go beyond PG junta; coz i've been asociated with it for some time now.. i know they'r a good org.. but how can ppl trust it n come fwd n help?

b) tech ppl... graphics... posters for mvf.. some work that we can do at home too...??:

c) teaching was fun... but unfortunately...none of us has kept in touch with the students... n wen i ran into ravi(camp).. he still spoke to me in telugu:(.. we can proly have classes, but proly a science class, or an 'easy math' clas for the students...

n IF IF IF we r many in number..some of us can proly approach another org which has base in hyd n students also...n volunteer to work with the ppl there(home for the aged/ mentally challenged/ health-med camps/ children in govt schools/ orphans ) ... theres a lott that can b done IF IF IF we want to :infinity:

hoping for a rocking response!!
pratsha aka dmitri

PS: feels grt 2 post here.. subbu, kalyan and the rest!! where art thou ???

Hi junta.. read on if u know "how not to screw up an Interview"??:
So.. my int was on 8th afternoon@ IIMB
9 ppl in the group. 2 girls (me'z one of 'em:satisfie: )
My profile: B tech final yr: 59.08%
CAT: 99.39%ile, CLIK
Present status: CLI .....maybe K(if the 1650 odd others were just as bad)
GD: some vague passage from a charles dickens book now since the topic was vague.. I managed to say something(READ: nonsense) more than happy I spoke..unlike always, so came out feeling fine
Was 4th on the list.. waited, talked a lott, WAS NOT FOCUSED B4 GOING IN(read: a SH*T casual attitude)
N now unfolds the plot:
TV: tech victim
M: Mallu guy
E: evil panelist(I know he was doing his jobbut Y MEEEEEE!!!!!)
M: Hello
TV: hello sir, hello
M: u name is par i tya sa
TV: its sir
E: so, what does it mean?
TV: dawn sir(tooo terse an answer)
E: so, tell me y aur acad record is soo bad..
TV: sir.. during coll I took part in a lot of events, , im the cult sec of my coll, ..blah blah NOW COMES WHAT I WANTED TO SAY.. sir .. after 12th, I had a choice to make..whether to to work really hard n bcom a 'techie' or to take the other road and grow with experience my involvement in all these blah blah activities has helped me grow as a person and I have learnt a lot more than I cud have if I had'nt taken this path
E: so. U say that u took engg as an extra curr?
TV: no sir, my tech knowledge will stay with me and will help me in all walks of life:D
E: so, what impact can u have on a grp with 50-60% in ur Engg.
TV: I think that it definitely matters to have a good %, but % is not the only indicator of good tech knowledge.
E: so, u think 60% can perfom well in the industry?
TV: I think the knowledge of what one is dealing with at workplace is more imp than knowing everything
E: u think u have very good tech knowledge
TV: I wud'nt say very good sir, but fumble fumble fumble
E: Tell me WHAT RANGE of freq CDMA uses? (me knew only working)
TV: . Dunno sir (remembered after I came OUTT)
E: lloooaaaaads of shit on TECH TECH .. CDMA , microwave ovens, GPS, djfhdklf
TV: fumble fumble stammer, fumble!!!!!

E: so, how honest r u as a person?
TV: 100%
E: so tell me which coaching center u went to?
TV: sir
M: okone last Q: do u think we shud have reservation for women at iims?
TV.. sir I think reservation at this level shud not be encouraged.. the actual ppl who cant make it r the ones who cant go to school, inter n ay b engg but at this level.. IIMs where high . Is expected.. meritocracy shud be given imp
M: that's it thank u
TV: thank u
pratsha aka dmitri
PS: be cool n COMPOSED... think b4 u answer .. n enjoy the int
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3 days of GD/PI and just one post:eh: ... im sure u guys'd have wanted to know what topics were given if u were on the other side(i' side:huh: )... so atleast the junta who have their interview on and after 4th... KINDLY keep THE TREAD ALIVE ....

waiting for ur P O S T S!!!!

regards :infinity:
pratsha aka dmitri


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can some1 ples tell me if its ok to have letters from the principal n dpt heads for extra currs? for the cult head of my coll n we dont have any cert for that.... i want to get a letter from the princi....but b4 asking him for one..i'd like to make sure it's ok... n also..ive done a couple of projects for an NGO.. no certs again...only letters... n the NGO stuff means a lottt to me(plannin to blah blah abt it till they ask me to stop:grab: ) .. so.. without that ok?? i can get a letter or two from the head of the NGO...

BOTTOM LINE--- DO LETTERS(not certs??: ) from heads work?? .. n im counting solely on extra currs... POOOOOOR acads(60%) ...

thanks n CLIK
pratsha aka dmitri

PS:does C have anymore success stories like "parivaar"??


can u ples tell me how many girls r there in ur batch...n if u notice a shift in the female/male ratio @ L.... verrry imp... puhleeez reply

im making an excel sheet of facts for the benifit of my fellow pgites... so...waiting for ur reply

smile.........C L I K
pratsha aka dmitri

ps: had to have a ps:)


here goes!!

Name L PRATYUSHA Registration No. 4280858 Date of Birth 26/10/84 Quantitative (% Score) 35.71 Quantitative (Percentile) 97.74 Verbal (% Score) 27.33 Verbal (Percentile) 90.08 Logic & Data Interpretation (% Score) 53.39 Logic & Data Interpretation (Percentile) 99.72 TOTAL (% Score) 37.82 TOTAL (Percentile) 99.39

CALLS: C(obv bcos of QA n DI), L, I, K(%ile as such)

smileeee..... CLIK
pratsha aka dmitri


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hiya ppl...

wanna BAD profile with decent calls????

here goes...

QA--15(85% acc)
DI--21(100% acc)
VA--11-13(60% around acc)
total-- around 48

CALLS-- LCKI:shock: :shock: :shock:

X -- 75.1%
XII-- 88.4%
B Tech--60% (JNTU affiliated)

decent extra currs. and NO co currs.

if u feel u've been there, got thru......plessss pingg meeeeee....

pratsha aka dmitri


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