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XLRI B.M 2014-2016

S.B.I P.O 2013 batch

Hemanshu Binnani @Hemanz
And that's the end of the first year. Sigh!
Prateek Giria @pratskool

@shubham199 We don't wanna be spoilers . For the sake of those who are coming to XL next year !

bhai BM aur HR ka result kab aaega?
Joy Saha @joysahaji
in the fee schedule for GMP, there is one vertical named insurance mediclaim , whta actually it coveres!!! and at the same time i am interested to know about medical facility in the XLRI campus.
Prateek Giria @pratskool

We have many doctors attending the dispensary opened inside the campus. Infact recently a medical store was set up just near the entrance to facilitate medicinal provisions . An ambulance is always available inside the campus.

astro naut @bs729
@Hemanz we all have been receiving different info. On calling admissions... Any update on the results date? Tia :smiley:
Prateek Giria @pratskool

Most probably next week. Nothing official though.

Ashish Sharma @ashishnicks
when are results expected ??? HRM
Prateek Giria @pratskool

1st week of April. HRM/BM/GM are supposed to come together.

Nipun Taneja @Nipun93
Any updates on placement yet...the program was supposed to end during mid march and still no update has been made on placement front. So the rumors abt below average placements and student politics of secluding the GMBA batch students from common placement procelss are true? Is there any sourc...
Prateek Giria @pratskool

Hi guys, I am a student of B.M batch of 2014-16. Global MBA is as much a part of XL as BM/HR. The program is new and awesomely designed. The difference in the fees is owing to the better facilities and because they spend lot of time abroad and even here they are provided with better residential facilities than BM/HR. Their placements are a different ball-game altogether and cannot be compared with conventional MBA programs. If you want to calculate the debt repayment capacity you would have to assume growth rate (`5%) and do NPV, even though 25 lakhs which seems a hefty fees now, can be repaid in 5-6 years after like saving some amount. The program is altogether a different experience as it involves 3 countries (France is going to be included soon) so exposure is awesome. 

Eragon X @eragon_X
Were you asked questions by all the three panelist? In my interview the third one did not ask me any question even when offered to by the other panelist.
Prateek Giria @pratskool

This is off the record, but may be the 3rd interviewer was busy making observations about how you react and behave to different types of questions.

Are we supposed to bring a signed copy of admit card for the interviews? I am a little confused if we were supposed to take two copies of admit card to the exam centre and then keep one with ourselves.
When can we expect the XLRI HRM final shorlist to be declared ?
Prateek Giria @pratskool

The interviews ain't over. They would go till 20th March. Results are usually announced on the same day.

Is GD/PI in all the cities over? If yes, by when can we expect the results to come?
Prateek Giria @pratskool

GD-PI is suppose to get over around 2nd last week of March. Result dates are yet to be decided. But, like Hemanshu said, our results came on 7th April.