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  • Pratik Sahoo
  • 857 karma
Blunder - @awesumvicky
*Para completion:-* There was a time when the Indian Army was placed on a high pedestal - the soldier was considered the most honorable of men and his wife, the noblest of them all.Though the wife lived in dread of the midnight call that brought dreadful news.She was the epitome of equanimity an...
Pratik Sahoo @pratiksahoo33

Discipline ka toh baat hi ni hua hai passage mai how A toh kat gya wahipe

Gaurav @Gaurav_in_race
Pratik Sahoo @pratiksahoo33

E is not fitting well as the last sentence link ni horha it has to be linked with B and D some how

Sharan Kotagiri @SharanKotagiri
A forester wants to plant 44 apple trees, 66 banana trees and 110 mango trees in equal rows (in terms of number of trees). Also, he wants to make distinct rows of trees (i.e. only one type of tree in one row). The number of rows (minimum) that are required are: a. 2 b. 3 c. 10 d. 11 Please p...
Gaurav Bansal
Who is the aimcat topper? He topped last test too...and was 2nd in 1613..really he is the best among us _/\\_
Pratik Sahoo @pratiksahoo33

he has topped 4-5 aimcats till now

how many first 1500 natural numbers are coprime to 12? a.300 b.500 c.600 d.400
Charmi Modi @charmimodi71
Statement- some cats are rats some rats are ants some ants are flies conclusion- some flies are rats some ants are not rats No rat is fly No cat is fly options- only 1 and 4 follow only 2 follow only 1 and 2 follow none of these plz explain
Srishty Chakroborty @srishty7
*Read the short passage given below and answer the question that follows.* Ethnosemantics explores how languages' usage of a word or group of words, which on the surface seem as if they would have the same meanings for all people everywhere, differ according to the worldview of the language'...
satya nayak @aviator636
9000=a*b .where a and b are co prime natural numbers. how many pairs of (a,b) will exist??
Pratik Sahoo @pratiksahoo33

@ethical_geek  upar bola toh hai explicitly pair (a,b)

. . @miseera
*CR* The problem of traffic congestion in Athens has been testing the ingenuity of politicians and town planners for years. But the measures adapted to date have not succeeded in decreasing the number of cars on the road in the city centre. In 1980, odds and evens number-plate legislation was i...