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Anmol Verma @anmolv_10
Q 30. ..Explanation please
Peaceful Warrior @dojha
How many ways 5 different balls can be distributed among 3 boxes such that none of them are empty. Approach please.
Master Tigress @radhika201191
*Directions:* A question is followed by two statements, numbered (1) and (2). Using the information provided and general knowledge, decide whether the information given is sufficient to solve the problem. Is the product of the roots of the equation _x_ 2 + _bx_ \+ _c_ = 0 a rational number? *S...
Is y a positive number ? 1\. x*y = root 16. 2\. y^2 is less than y
Master Tigress @radhika201191
Two natural numbers, _m_ and _n_, are such that their least common multiple is 300. How many pairs of these numbers ( _m _and _ n_) are possible? a) 37 b) 38 d) 75 e)31 f)NOTA
Karan Singh @karan.singh
Data on planes returning from bombing missions was used to study of the vulnerability of airplanes to enemy fire. Analyzing the pattern and frequency of hits from enemy gunfire, it was seen that some parts of planes were hit disproportionately more often than other parts. How could these planes b...
Ezio Auditore da Firenze @ravitejrai
can anyone help me out with this question... what is the sum of all the coefficients of all the powers of x (including the 0th power) in the expression (x-1)^10 + (x-2)^10 ??
THIS IS SPARTA @Piyushgandhi092
When 4 dices are rolled, what is the probability that they show up together the sum number equal to 19? Is there any way we can do it via x1+x2+x3+x4=19 ?
Pratik Sahoo @pratiksahoo33

naa naa i am saying this way use 6-a + 6-b + 6-c + 6-d = 19 => a+b+c+d = 24-19 so a+b+c+d = 5 so 8C3 ways so 8C3/(6^4) shud be the answer.