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  • 2 karma
X:- 54.6%
XII:- 59.0%
GD Topic:- Is professionalism management necessary for attaining future goals ??
It was good 12 ppl were there on a whole nice GD.
Interviewer(I), Me(M)
Ques1: What made you opt for HR ?
M: intereset..blah blah blah !!
I: How much salary do you think HR will give
M: I havnt think abt salary ..currntly opting HR from Interest perspective
I: Can u live without salary?
M: its a practical thing no one can
I:U compltd grad from Bhoapal .. who is governer of MP ??
M: sorry dont knw
I: How many districts are there ??
M: told
I:Where is your hometown ?
I: Deoria(UP)
I: Which river flows through your district ?
M: told
I: Where your father do works?
M:District Court
I :Who is ADJ(additional dstrct judge)
M: Sorry again
I: thank you so much


hi i got into HRM too :):clap::clap::clap::clap:

hi ankit mishra u into HRM too ? me too

sid21 Says
congrats :cheerio: what was your mat/cat score

got 80 in cat :clap::clap::clap:

cleared itm navi mumbai

120+ attempts can fetch a percentile of????? guys help(75% accuracy)

hi guys

i have got 79.33 % in cat
b-tech -74.19%
work ex -18 mnths

i have got calls from ITM(NM), SIMC(pune), MATS(blr)
and expecting from IMT(NGPR or HYD) and SIMC(BGLR).


i have a work ex of 18 months Sankalp Sharma

hi guys

my 10th marks-91%
12th- 96%
cat-(OA)- 79.33%

can i expect a call from imt nagpur or hyd?

thanks in advance!!

approx 18 in xat :banghead::banghead::banghead::banghead::banghead::banghead::banghead:

10- 91%
12- 96%
btech- 78%
work ex:18 months

cat -80%

where can i apply guys. m confused?

site s working 5n so no point of waiting for the results today