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Nikita29 Says
how much weitage is given to cat score??

cat score is given due weightage but you cant deny the gd/pi
Hello sir, any idea about how many have turned up for GD / PI in general category?? How many have turned up in top 125 ?? Stats would be helpful ...

exactly 232 students turned category wise i cant tell you
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nitika01 Says
even my PI was for 4-5 minutes.. was wondering did i go wrong somewhere..

GD TOPIC - Indians perform better as individual rather than in groups.
Panel - 2
Overall a good GD. Everyone chipped in. I talked for 3-4 times. No fish market. Went slightly off topic in between .

PI - Panel 5
Asked to Introduce myself. Then asked about my hobbies. 2 questions from my engineering. And that was it. The PI lasted for only 4-5 minutes. I answered all the questions fluently but wonder that why the PI was so short.

Do such a short PI deduces something negative??

Hoping for the best ...

no need to worry pi last for that much duration only. and it doesn't deduces anything negative
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share your experiences of today's gd/pi......

hello everyone,
i have competed my engineering in 2010 and thn i joined mba, but i am not satisfied even after completing one year,i want to give the cat xam again? that is 2012 cat?
is there any changes of conversion?please someone help?

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hello everyone i just got 77.84 percentile in cat 2011
is there any chances of getting any good colg in india ?????
pleaseeeeeeeeeee helpp plssssssssssssssssssssssssss

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hello everyone,anyone please send me the aimcats papers with their solution,
i have joined ims,
thnx in advance
my id is SNIP>

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i have also joined ims test series,first simcat on 26
kal se hi padai strt ki hai,koi kuch help kre yaar,last year cat diya tha,thoda bhut idea hai bus.

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neil4iim Says
even i have the same question as urs......i am in btech 2nd yr NIT and i rly want to take up CAT....

haa yaar wahi to,but samaz nhi aa rha hai
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