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As mentioned....

The date, time and venue of the interview will not be changed unless the candidate has a compelling reason. In such compelling circumstances, the candidate will have to pay a fee of Rs. 500/- to allow a change. Last date for requesting a change is 18th February 2010.

Drop a mail to or call in the morning hours 0832-2490304

Hope it helps.

Dude, everything has its time.....time for the answer to ur query has not come............
so relax and give ur worried mind a little rest............
But i m sure u will again hv queries regarding "how to top", so here it goes:
1> Buy a kotler and finish it before u reach Goa
2> Finish +2 commerce and course
3> Study SCM and terms related to it.
4> Study some civil laws and all the articles related to them
5> Go to some HR executive of a MNC and learn how HR is actually applied in real world.
6> Drink a lot of coffee and try to remain awake 22 hrs a day

I think this will give enough head start for the 1st term. For second term contact me at OT-10.

@PGP1s: Enjoy your pre- MBA days..............there is enough time for you guys to study once you are here..........For all those who have never been away from home before do enjoy the comfort back will just fly by even before you realize it..........don't burn yourself out even before the battle (as it seems with grading being discussed prior to the college itself) begins
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No body is picking up phone @ GIM ... i need to find out whether my Draft has reached or not??

When will Jenny mam come bak???

seniors kindly help!!!!

m not in goa currently but from my info jenny mam will be back on 15th so i guess u might be lucky finding her on saturday at the earliest......dont worry
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hi guys.. i have converted fore.. and waitlisted at gim...
i really wanna join gim.. but i canw ait only till 10th june so tat i can get fore money refunded..

can any1 tell me wat are the chances..considering teh fact that xlri n ximb process is not yet over.. and also ximb is trying for 60 more seats..
do u think there will be any more drop outs..


Can understand your feeling but I am certain no one here can predict whether you will be in or not...........10th june is far off......

@others: from the info posted earlier it seems jenny mam will be back on 15th may so hold your guns until then

Hi Everyone,

Been away for quite sometime due to summer internship.......

Congrats to all those who have been getting through the waitlist....Welcome to the GIM family.......2 years of fun, frolic & endless assignments await you

From reading the previous posts just my two cents: stop fighting about illogical aspects, no system is flawless:banghead: (for the guys fighting away to glory in previous posts even couple of your so called tier-1 colleges have revised their lists). I am not comparing GIM to their situation but then we have been as transparent as possible. Which other college has admission authorities spending their valuable time answering your queries religiously?


seniors i have a question
its written......Congratulations, you are on the selected list for admission to the PGDM (2009-2011) of our Institute. The details of which are communicated to you by our letter.
nw i wanna know whether we'll receive a soft copy of this letter i.e. an e-mail too??
and will we receive info about loans and stuffs with the letter also??
oh and by the way i'm in too:D

Yes you will receive both soft & hard copies of your selection letter in due course.
Last year the letter had the details regarding the first term fees deadline along with a proforma for the total cost involved during the course.
Regarding the Loans you can easily get a loan here from Andhra Bank but preferably try to get it from your hometown if possible.

Congrats to all those who have been selected

As Nitiksh mentioned about the google group for the selected candidates, join it as it is a good common medium to share your queries now that you are in instead of cluttering pg.

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kunalv.ims Says
i hope colleges sticks to gd pi process that is explained earlier by seniors or who knows they may come up wid a weird criteria eg. u must be a regular in gym,.......or lets say english marks in 10th and on................

an essay awaits u instead of a GD...tats the only change....
hiturmailz Says
how many hours does it takes from mumbai to goa ??

12-15 hours ............ but doesnt mean it will be scheduled to your convenience............and generally goan rounds happen before the others
HI snape...

i have a doubt.

i filled in centre of GD/PI as Delhi...

now i am goingin to mumbai b/w 13-21 march to Give my TISS interview...

just a qwery that if i have my GIM interview in that period can i request GIM to change my centre to MUmbai ??


Last year the ruling was that if you want to change your centre then the only option is Goa...............

Guess it would be the same this year. Your GD/PI selection letter will have the relevant wait until the list is out.....

Best of Luck