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Sir, actually i have a query that i have been preparing for cat for the past 4 months but now as i have started giving aimcats, i am scoring very low percentile. So can u pls suggest me some good strategy to boost my score and my morale.Shall i go back to my basics , keeping the time left in mind..

I am basically looking for subject strategy as of now, ie shall i go for the basics or shall i solve last year papers, mock cats ,etc
also how shall i improve verbal stuff
hoping for a reply ..


Going to the basic is always the best policy.... coz if ur base is not strong you wont be able to attempt good questions...having said that don`t delve too much into that also...get hold on basic concepts & learn formulas...and start doing good questions.... for imprving read n read...over a period of time u`ll see the improvement
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lkoraj Says
please suggest some good book for reasoning/DI for FMS and plz tell what chapters in maths are important xcept the CAT maths because i have seen matrices,determnants being asked in FMS apst yrs.

Do the material provided by coaching institutes ,I hvnt cme across any good book for reasoning. Ya you can practice matrices,determinants,differntiation..

double post

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memorize tables till 25,sqaures upto 30, cubes upto 20 and fractions till 30.... and then do one excercise per day (will take 15 min) from TIME speec math booklet... its a tedious process...intially u wnt see any improvement..but over a period of time u`ll see tht change..
I was also not great with calculations and this worked for me...hope it works for you as well

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I need the material so I contacted many user who were willing to donate.
But after sending the request to them, they are demanding the money.
So Is there anybody genuinely willing to donate any CAT related material !!!!!!
If yes.. please let me know.
And please don't post here if you are expecting money

I am not sure what others are trying to do here...but if you are in bangalore you can collect material from me (free of cost)...


I have old TIME/IMS/PT mock tests and other material. If somebody is interetesed he/she can collect it from me.

I live in Bangalore - BTM 2nd stage

I`ll be leaving bangalore on 30th of this month. So If you want gotta hurry up

help needed puys !!

I am a final year BCA student from jaipur..gave MBA entrance exams this year and got calls from few colleges also like NMIMS,SIIB and GIM but dint get selected in any due to same reason i.e WORK EXPERIENCE !!! Missed NMIMS just by 3 marks coz got zero in work ex i have decided to go for work ex after my grads but don't know what kind of work ex should i go ?? Work in an IT field or work in marketing field as i have my interest in marketing and will take it as major in my MBA !!! I don't know which way to go !! please help me out and solve my problem !! Wan't to know what is relevant work ex ???

Hi Himanshu

Now since all this has happened ,so I thinks lets move forward and think about what you should do in coming MBA season. Definitely you should get a job, if you can get a job in marketing then its good otherwise go in IT. In the end you should be working coz it helps you grow as a person and professional.

And work hard for entrance exams, get so much marks in them that you don`t have to worry about 2-3 marks here and there



It seems its been ages since Ive been waiting to write on this thread...but thankfully that day has arrived.....before starting I want to see how dejected and hopeless i was excatly one year back. You can read it here Insatiable Desires.. n a Perpetual Journey...: Screwed!!!

Season 1

I was in second year of engg, I was thinking over should I go for MBA or MS.Since I wasnt sure which

way to go so I decided to work on my english and hence I started reading novels,mugging words....
In third year, I joined a coaching institue and started studying religiously for CAT or IIMs :P.
At the end of third year I got placed in *** and I got devaited from my studies.I was kindda surprised by my new behaviour, coz getting into IIMs was my dream, my last 2 yrs were dedicated to

that.When others used to enjoy themselves in canteen , I used to solve test papers in class. During lectures I used to read or mug words. But I started getting the feeling that I have everythig which
I need. So I got satisfied and hence start of season 2 seemded imminent.Just six months before CAT, I stopped studying and understanble I got the scores i deserved ..94.5 perentile. I did got calls from NMIMS and SCMHRD but I didn`t even attend them.


I dint do anything in this season...i was undergoing training at *** and life was pretty cool So i was enjoying my life. I gave only one exam and again scored 94 somthing..

Season 3

By this time I was pretty much pissed of by the kindda work that happens in IT. I started hating my job and company. And as anthony robbins says "In life you either need inspiration or desperation".

So I got bigger driving force ...desperation. i was desperate to get out of IT and get into FMS( yes FMS became my dream college) ... So I started my prepation with full force in FEB. Evryday I used
to comeback home at 11...used to study till 1-2 and amid all this my roommate used to have sleepless night. But he never complained against it and suprisingly he also became part of my plan ( he still
resent for this). JUly came and I joined IMS test series, my rommie joined TIME and we both got PT test series for 100 bucks so we both joined it. Every sunday we used to take our test and on next
Saturday I used to give time tests and he used to give IMS tests. Life went by like this, all our weekends wer about taking these test and weekdays we about analysis these tests. So when season
ended I had taken around 40 mock tests. In addition to this I had two notebooks and 6 sheets filled by analysis of these 40 tests.

Then D day arrived, I was a bundle of nerves. I started writing CAT and got stuck at 1-2 ques and I got completely unnerved and rest is history. As all the serial cat takers at pagalguy have said, CAT
is a game of holding your nerves and I learn it a hard way. In the evening i checked my scores and the world came crashing down on me. I just couldn't`t believe that I used to score 99+ regularly , I even scores AIR 7 once and when D day came I just floundered. I just couldn't`t believe that due to my anxiety I have wasted one of the best prepartion I have ever done in my life. But that was it... it
ended out of my stupidity.

Anyways, days went by and so did exam. I wrote IIFT,SNAP,XAT,NMIMS, MAT& ATMA (for JB)...
Days of gloominess eneded with IIFt result, I got a call from IIFt and subequently i scored 99.44 in XAT hence got a call from XLRI as well. I scored 93 marks in SNAP and SIBM also called me and in the
end SPJAIN also decided to evalalute me. So with 3 great calls with me , I thought finally I`ll be able to leave IT and join a B school. But it didn`t turned out to be so. IIFt was the first one to reject me, I thought my low score of 27 was the reason. Next one to reject
me was SIBM( I am still clueless as to why they rejected me) , and then it was XL and in the end SPJAIN. And on 21st april whole world came crashing around.... I haveno word to describe what I felt then. I was completely numb for the next three months. i just coudln`t belive that I have not cashed on opportunity like this . Calls like XL and IIFt is like a once in a life time opportunity....and I
had no strength to move forward and take all those mock tests again...and go though that complete away my weekends for next 6 months...this was not supossed to be...

I find it difficult to accept that after such a great mock season ....and nice scores...and my undergrad scores,my coll, my hobbies ( i have read more than 80 books) and ... I just felt like I am seeing a bad dream....

BUt as time went by reality started to sink in.... spending one more year in IT seemed as an herculean task... all my friends we saying just give it one more shot we belive that you`l make it... and giving it one more shot was the only way out....coz making carreer in It was certainly not an option for me.....and though I didn`t want to but I had to continue ....

Season 4

Cat went online and hence all the preparation which i had done so far went for a toss.It was a completely new ball game... This time I din`t started in Feb infact I feel I never started in this season...I was just drifting along doing few things here and there... this time my heart was not in prepartion... When mourning subsided in august I joined Time test series .... this time total no of test was I took was 15 as against 40... analysis was not at all good....and mock scores were bad....

But this time all I wanted to work on was anxiety this time I stopped studying 2-3 days before cat.... and then D day arrived...though I was nervous but i kept my nerves under control...i

attempetd 51 questions...and I felt i have a good chance of belling cat this time...

after that i wrote xams on every Sunday.... first result came our and yipee I got call from IIFT with a score of 44.6 .... i was on the top of the world I felt finally this time my agonising and seemingly perpetual journey will end... then came XAT result I scored 99.74 ( Sometimes you are more worried when you compete with urself...I scored 99.44 last year and while giving XAT I thought I would not be able to hit that mark again)...but I did....and Can`t tell you people How happy I was on that day....and then I scored 116 in snap....and I got call from FMS....i got call from my dream was like I was again living a dream..this time it was a pleasant one....i was on cloud number 9...90...90k ....

Then started interview season...Having not converted 3 big calls puts u under an immense pressure... i tried alot to disentangle myself from that...but my efforts didn`t fructify...and this time my
desperation level was so high that I filled forms of IMT,SCHMRD,XIMB( its not like that these are not good colleges ...but i never thought of going to these collgs) to summarize i was under immense pressure.... first GD/PI was of SCMHRD....and they rejected me....and I was like can they do that...but then I forgot about it in few hours but giving a convincing reasoning :P... its wsnt tough...

then came IIFT GD/PI......there IIFT profs royally screwed me on my engg fundas...... so with every interview pressure was increasing and the bone-chilling thought of continuing in IT for a lifetime
used to give me sleepless nights....

Then came XL interview...BM interview went ok ok.... PMIR was good... and when I came back after PMIR interview cat result was awaiting me.... I checked that and it gave me shock of a life time... i scored 92 percentile..... 68 perctile in eng.... I just coun`t belive how they can do that... I got or they gave me 68 perc in english..... english was my strongest English scores of various exams are
XAT -99.2
IIFT- 22/30
NMIMS 92/96... 100 percentile
and I got a call from FMS...which certainly a 68 percentile getter can`t get....

But that was CAT.... I was shocked but i wasn`t sad....and may be that was because of FMS(my dream coll)...

since XL interview are very detail oriented so I has pretty much prepared about all the I decided to take care of my anxiety level...which was rising ans prepare lil bit for Extempore... a
And just when I thought things are ok....then came a shocker...i was rejected by IIFT... though I had bad PI but I with ok GD and goof score I was really hopeful of converting IIFT....

and the timing couldn`t have been more treacherous.... dream college`s interview was stone throw`s away and here I was sitting,cryin and anticiapting that history might repeat itself....After
3 days I thought even if I am going least I should put up a brave fight and on that note I started preparing myself mentally for FMS GD/PI..
In the evening of 26th march a day before FMS interview , i got a msg saying that XL results are out, I was not prepared for one more reject just a day before most important day of my I switched off my mobile phone .... on 27th morning when I was in the bathroom ...getting ready for FMS friends came knocking on the door askig me to come out immediately...i came out
,went into the room and on the laptop screen was opened stating "Congratulations" ...tht was from XLRI..... that morning i finally broke the jinx...finally all my prayers were answered...all my hardwork paid off.....after that I gave all my interviews went absolutely amazing.... so till now convert count is XLRI,XIMB,FMS(wl),NMIMS...and I hope to add spjain also to it.... so that was my story...

It was treacherous,emotional,joyous,diffcult,harrasing, desperating, and at times it seemed perpetual....but I am gald it ended and it ended in a style..... M going to jampot...yipee...i wish this party never ends.....

These 4 seasons changed me completely as a person. I have learnt:-
-to trust myself
-to move forward exp when you think you don`t have strength to do so
-to ignore critics
-that it is wrong to ignore your work at hand ( my IT work..)
-the power of beliefs

But the most important gain from this seemingly perpetual journey is that i have finally gained TRUST in My abilities......

PS:- Converted Spjain also ....which acc to me was the toughtest to crack since conversion ratio was 1:11....... it proves hardwork does pay off..... its the timing which creates the problems



m so happy that i`ve converted one more call....

newy I won`t be joining, so one more waitlist movement is gonna be there

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I have a converted call of XIMB , but I haven`t recieved letter till now. Am i alone or still there are ppl who are waiting for the letters