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Heyyaaaaa People :)

Writing here on this thread after such a long time,,, there was a time few months back when I used to be on this thread all the time,,, its nice to see the tradition going on with a new abode,,,,

Well,,, I guess,, a lot of new people have joined the thread,,, a heartily welcome for all the new people,,, well,,, I am working as a PO in OBC,,, it has been almost 5 months since I have joined,, so I thought maybe I should write something about what I have experienced in this period,,

It has been a mixture of good and bad experiences,, well,, I'll say,, good for the majority of it,, I was given away the Loan department straight away at my branch right from the first day of my joining,, so it was a pretty tough beginning for me,,, Loans is generally handled by experienced persons,, Scale 2 or 3

But,, here it was different,, there was no1 in my branch to look after this department,,, so I had to follow the instructions of the manager,,, starting was very tough but then after a month or so,, I started understanding my work and things became a lot easier,,,

Working at my branch now is very easy,, and things seem a lot easier once you get to learn all the stuff,, Now I handle this department alone and I have done almost all type of loans in this short period of time,, right from housing to vehicle,, personal,, demand loan,, overdraft,, clean overdraft,, staff loans,, cash credit,, term loans,, letter of credit,, bill discounting,, bill purchases,, bank guarantee,, n that too for an amount as big as Rs. 10 crores,, yep you heard it right,, our branch sanctioned a CC for Rs. 10 crores recently,, and it really pays

I mean,, the expenses of all the staff and branch are much lesser the interest earned from this CC,, I must say,,, banking takes a lot out of you,, its not for those who cant handle pressure,, there are ample chances of progress cuz people dont even take promotions cuz of added responsibilities and transfers on promotions,,, so ig u wanna reach higher in short time,, its not much of a problem in my bank,,,

But,, what I feel is,, it really is a tough job and I m sure that I dont want to do this all my life,, cuz its a lot of pressure and the time is also the major problem,, you dont get much time for urself,,, so if u can end having a ssc job,, I would say its a better option,, but if ur interest is banking only,, then its not a good idea for u,,

N,, what I feel is,, banking is gonna b a more pressure job in the time to come,, but seriously one should have taste of this job,, u get to learn so much,, its invaluable,, u get to learn everything abt finance and market,,, well,, almost everything,, n if its a big branch like mine,, then no stopping,,

I guess,, I have written too much,,, like I always do,,, people who know me,,, know that,, miss u guys,, abhishek,, piy.champ,, naren,, sanrahul,, zener,,whitesnow,, defense,, saurabh,, mishrasingh,, n evry other oldies,,

Please excuse me for spelling mistakes,, was in a hurry

All the best to evryone

Wish you get all you deserve
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Hellooo Guyysssss

I got selected in the final list of Bank of Baroda,,

My fourth final selection,,

but its not a happy one,, cuz i have already taken the job at OBC,, so wont be changing,,, it would have been good if some other deserving guy could have got selected instead of me,,

Nevertheless,, the seat would get cleared in waiting,,

Its such an absurd thing,, some time you are just dying to get into one final list,, but u dont get it,,, and when you get one,, you keep on getting the others too,,,

Well,,, it would have been much better if I had known about any of these final selections before giving the interviews,, but that wasnt the case,, all my final results came after all these interviews were over,,

Anyways,,, i just wanted to share this bit,, cuz i had nothing else to write about but still wanted to reach out to you guys,,,


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Helllllooooooo Puuuyyyssssss,,,,,

Posting after a real long time here,,,,, i hope,,,,, you havent forgotten me guyssss,,,,, anyways,,,, i was not able to post cuz i was too busy with my joining i OBC and other stuffff,,,,,

Plus I dont have any net connection so its hard to get time for cyber cafe and stuff,,,,

Well,,,, guyss,,,, aftr all the stuff I heard about banking a few time back,, I was quite circumspective about joining banking industry,, but as I had worked so hard for it and have cracked these exams,, I wasnt gonna say alvida without having a taste of it,, good or bad,,, i dont care much,,,

But,,, after two weeks of joining OBC,,, i have got a good overview of the whole industry and the kind of working that goes on in here,,,,

And,, I am telling you guys its not bad at all,,,, yes you have to work hard for it,,, you need to put in a lot of time,,, but surely,,, it would teach you a lot of stuff and would make you a valuable employee for any organization and would definitely improve your worth in a long time,,,

I was sent to obc without any training,, and I was given the position of loan officer from day 1,,, when I didnt even knew what bank is and how it functions,,, but due to the shortage of staff in loan and credit department,, i was made to work in that area only right from the word go,, n i would say i have learnt a lot in these 12-13 days,,, i have learnt to fill loa forms LF71, LF81, LF8, LF1 and a lot of other stuff,, i have already been on visit to sites for assessment of loan,,

I have interacted with customer regarding their stock statements,,, other loan documents and a lot of stuff which i cant even write concisely,,, but i would also say ,,, i have never got any free time,,, its pure hard work,,, so those who are not looking for hard work job,, would find it difficult,,, but if you love to have fun in your work,, you'll have a good time,,, it was hard for m in the starting but now i m having a good time here,,,

Guyss,,,, I have also cleared SSC tier 1 and got in UCO bank final list too,,
thanx for all your love and support guys,,,,
means a lot to me,,,
gotta go now,,,
n excuse me if i made any mistakes in writting ths stuff

All the best to everyone here for everything
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Guys, I also got selected in Allahabad Bank
My 2nd final selection
Thank You so much guys for your love and support
It was one of the most motivating factor for me
And my best wishes to all the members who have become PO this time
We are gonna see many more selections in time to come
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Heyyyy Guysss

I was out of town yesterday n logged in today,, :-(:-( n saw some very unexpected posts,, one who reads the last few pages would think twice before joining as a PO,, n would have a certain whim regarding his career,,,

Well,,, I totally respect the opinions and expriences brought forward by the experienced puys but with all due respect,, I would say I totally disagree with most of the points they have mentioned,, n I would like to share the reasons for it,,,

Banks have worst management (as exp puys said)--- Guyss,, we are living in India and everybody knows that most of the departments and sectors are not managed properly due to lack of able adminstration and our nation's unfortunate history,, but clearly banks are not the worst ones,, just look at our universities,, police system,, judicial system,, political system etc,,, they are not only mismanaged but also infected with corruption,, look at the services they are providing to public,, atleast banks are way ahead than them in serving the public and are far less corrupted than these systems,, and things are changing by leaps and bounds with the young blood coming into the act

Lots of risk in PO job--- where is the risk,, I tried to comprehend but didnt got any fact,, as a PO you are given a responsibilty to perform your duties and if you are not good enough to do it n if you mess up ,, then its your mistake,, n u are bound to get punished,, the same way you get rewarded for doing well,,, so,, where is the risk,, if this is risk,, then what about other public services like defence,, what would you call the factor involved there,, where you can reach heaven or hades by just one mistake of yours,,

Huge work load esp. in SBI--- I guess,, everybody have answered this question-- What is the role of banking ?,, the first point ,, development of Indian economy,, so if you are working for a fast growing economy in a sector which handles almost all the financial work,, its for sure that you're gonna get a hell lot of work,, everyody knows it all the way,, n also the fact that whatever job you are in you'll have to work esp when you are new n at lower scale of management,,

About SBI's work load,,, when it is asked by an aspirant which bank he wants to work for,, most of them say SBI without a second thought,,,, why,, cuz its the best,, why its the best,,, cuz it has major share of market and well deployed branches nationwide,, so if it has the max share,, it will surely have the max work,, and you'll have to share that burden,, its basic stuff,, I dont know how would the max work load would surprise anyone:shocked: :shocked:,,

Bank is good for short term--- well,, bank is not at all good for short term,, I bet,, most of the puys preparing here are aiming to be GM or AGM someday,, the short term goal could just be earning money and I m tellin ya,, bank is not what you are lookin for in this case,, we are ready to do do all the hard work n go through the toil in the begining just to have good reaps in the long term and to reach where we want through promotions n if possible FT promotions,,,

No Time Limit in Banks--- actually there is a limit if you look at the bigger picture,, at max you would be asked for 10-11 hrs,, 12 hrs in the worst scenario,, spare a thought about other guys,, doctors for instance,, they can be called anytime,, their duty is 24 * 7,, defence guys,, on the alert everytime,, firemen,, police,, paramedics,, dont forget banking is also a public service,, a service to our mother nation,, which is emerging as on of the huge powers in the world,, forget this petty stuff,, mother nation is callin,, as yourself where are you ???

Broken Marriages n Relations--- seriously ????? ,,, relations are not broken due to devotion of time in your service,, they are broken cuz of lack of trust,, lack of belief,, n most of all lack of love,,, small things like adjustments in timings can be done even by a kiddo,,

;);) Guys,, I was not at all disappointed reading the last few pages,, cuz I already knew that this stuff happens,, you have to work hard,, you'll get some very stupid an un co operative people,,, but who cares,, we are capable enough to deal with any situation,, to handle any kinda problem,, so there's not even a single problem abt it,, At the end of the day its you character and the mettle in you which defines who you are and I know that my fellow puys are strong enough to handle these non significant problem,,

:D:D I know a few would think that I have not experienced the real thing,, thts why I am saying all this stuff,,, believe me,, I have been happy all my life and would continue to do so,, n would surely post my happy experiences after I join the bank which is gonna happen shortly,,

The bottom line here is,,, PO was a good job yesterday,, it is today,, and would remain a good job even tommorrow,, but just dont have fairy tale expectations,,, you will have to work hard,, very hard,, may get less time for yourself n family and a lot of other problems,, but if you are capable enough you are gonna reach great heights,, so dont be depressed at all,, I've seen many happy POs,,, both married and single

Being energetic and full of life plays a major role in your work life thats why I feel that people like Abhishek,, rishimech,, wittygirl,, Arjun,, shaan,, mishrasingh,, navin,,saurabh are gonna do really well in their career

PS : I respect the opinions of our older puys esp epratap,, tgt,, white snow,, and I agree that there can be bitter experiences but I would say that these cannot be generalised,, there are people who are very happy with their job as a PO

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Guys ,,,,, i got selected in oriental bank of commerce,, po,,,,,,,,,,,,,, i want to thank all of you for making this possible for me,,,,,,,,, !!!!!cheers!!!!!

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Helllloooo Puyss

Not much happening around these days except for the interviews of various banks in this excruciating heat,,,, but the good news to come in future is the results which are gonna pour down altogether at the same time and they are gonna drench almost 5000 (1500,Allahabad,, 1200,BoB,, 1050,UCO,, 500,OBC,, PSB,, PNB etc) of us with an oppotunity to commence our career,,,,,

Finally,, I have been able to do good in the recent interviews,, my first experience which was Syndicate was an average one,, OBC was a disaster but after that it has been a dream run for me,, n its good to carry the confidence forward from one interview to another,,

The things have been much easier after making just one minor change in the way I respond,, well,, the change is that instead of giving general and elaborate explanations of basic terms asked,, I have tried to give exact and specific answers to the terms and questions asked,,

I prepared the notes of the basic terms which are asked in every interview and have read them quite a few times,, so now with knowing the meaning I also know the exact way in which they have to be described,, plus I have also tried to have a detailed information of the banking structure in India,, which has ofcourse helped a lot in each interview,,

So,, those guys who are facing some problems can try this stuff for making themselves well equipped with all the answers,, I am attaching some files here which I have used to read before interviews,, they have few but main basic terms which form the core of the questions of the banking interviews,,

These are just a few basic terms,,, if you wanna perform exceedingly well you can prepare more for yourself suiting your background of studies and career,, cuz believe me,, speaking and speaking well are two very different things,,,

So,, if you wanna fetch some good marks be prepared to not just speak but speak well,,,

I wish everyone here gets drenched in this rain after this extreme beating of heat,,,


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Allahabad Interview Experience

Venue : Bhopal,,,,,, Panel (1) : 4 members (3 Gentlemen n a Lady)
Time : 12:30,,,,, Duration : 15 mins

The cutest panel on the planet,, they were so easy going,, they were not asking any questions related to academics,, banking or anything,, they were just assessing the personality of the candidate,, it was like chatting with your aunt or uncle in neighbourhood,, infact chatting with your uncle may seem tougher if compared to my interview,,:shocked: :shocked:

I bet,, you guys wont believe that this actually happened, even I didnt

P1: MBA kia he aapne,, kaha se kiya he ??
Me: IMS,,DAVV,,Indore,,
P1: Papa ka kya business he ??
Me: Small scale agro industry,, Showroom of Ford tractors n details,,
P1: Kafi rich he aap toh,, business kijiye na,, bahut paisa he usme
Me: Papa wont let me enter his business n even I dont want to,, I wanna achieve something in my field,, n sometime sooner I'll be richer than him,,
P1: Apni native place k bare me bataiye,, kya khas he
Me: Some industries,, tourism etc etc
P1: Arey aap tourism me business kyu nahi karte ??
Me: Sir,, itna b scope nahi he,, plus its not my field,, which ofcourse is finance

P2: Bodybuilder he aap toh,, kabse kar rahe he workout,,
Me: Hamesha se,, first I was into sports,, now gymming n stuff,,
P2: 8 packs he aapke,, kaise bante he ye 8 packs
Me: Jii Sir,, pure 8 packs he,, bahut mehnat lagti he,, told them about my diet,, my schedule,, my workout regime (they were listening as if I was telling them some story,, they looked so amused n I was amazed to see that)

P3: Hum logo k ban jayenge kya 8 packs
Me: (I looked at the big tummies of all the 3 guys) NO WAY SIR,, sochiye b mat aap abhi,, bahut mehnat lagegi Sir,, pareshan ho jayenge aap,, itna sara fat chada rakha he aapne tummy pe,,

Mam: Gaon me toh hote nahi he gym,, fir ??
Me: Sorry Mam,, par me kabhi gaon me nahi raha abhi tak
Mam: Arey hum bhej rahe he na aapko gaon pakka
Me: Toh,, fir me apne sare weights n rods gaon le jaunga par workout nahi chhodunga,, its my passion,, cant live without it,,
Mam: Aisa na ho k tum bank ko hi gym banalo(n they started laughing like kids,, it was a big laugh from all of them) :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:
Me: (was that a joke,, should I laugh,, opened my mouth wide for a big grin to join them) No ma'am,, waha toh kaam hi karunga,,

P3: Kitne bhai behen ho ??
P3: Chhote he ya bade,, kya karte he ??
P3: Papa k baad business kon dekhega ??
P3: Konse games khelte the ??

Mam: Sabse bade he aap,, kya socha he apni family aur unke liye,,
Me: (Unke liye ?? I thought she was talking abt my gf,, so told her all that I have planned for)
Mam: Waise I was asking about current family,,
Me: (Pretty embarassing for me,,, kept smiling) Okay,, I thought ..........

(I was thinking to myself,,, guys bahut masti ho gayi,, if you wanted me to be comfortable,, i m more than that,, now please start asking questions)

P2: Thank You Prashant :shocked: :shocked: :shocked: :shocked: :shocked:

(I was shocked to death,,, IS THAT IT ??? are you kidding me guys,,)
(P3 sensed what I was feeling,, n asked one more question)

P3: How are you gonna be useful to us ??
Me: My skills,, knowledge,, background blah blah blah blah
P3: Okay,, Thank You,, You may go now,, :shocked:

(I looked at all of them,, still in disbelief,, they were smiling,, but they were serious,, indeed,, they really wanted me to leave)

Me: Thanx a lot,, it was a pleasure interacting with the panel,,

I talked with a lot of guys at the centre,, they had the same experiences,, even they were shocked,, but they were atleast asked few banking questions,, but mujhse toh ek b question nahi puchha,, seriously,, one of the most weird situation in my life, but it was good,, had a really good time,,

I forgot to mention onething here,, that I was the last guy before lunch,, n before my interview started,, when I was waiting outside,, one of the panel member(P3) came out n asked the peon,, if the food was ready to be served,, then he said,, we r gonna interview one or two more n then we'll have lunch,, I guess,, I was the lucky last one,, dont know about the marks but I enjoyed the process,,

All The Best to all other puys for the interviews

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Ladies and Gentleman here I m coming up with a good news again,,,,,
Last time it was SBI
and now its SBI Associate
SBI Associates have come out with 4987 PO vacancies

Here is the advertisement - :::
SBBJ ----- 1000
SBH ------- 1416
SBM ------- 843
SBP ------- 1328
SBT ------- 400
TOTAL ---- 4987


PAYMENT OF FEES : FROM 02.06.2011 TO 23.06.2011


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