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Hello all,
I'm back to PG after a really long long time! This time eyeing 750+ in GMAT. Since I did not spend much time in browsing through all the posts, I could not really get if the hyderabadi GMATers have any plan or formal meets for their preparation. It would b gr8 if some can guide me on this...

Activities wise I think Ketan has more or less summed up wat we did @ MVF. Atleast when it came to the MVF kids, they were more than happy seeing us come there to play. Even MVF went out of its way to organize the field trips for us. For these kids being able to interact with someone from the city itself was big thing. It raised their self confidence.

Having said that, I do understand it might be different with other city based organizations. So we will have to see wats convenient to them before deciding upon anything.

And oh yes, one other thing. When we started off the Comm Service initiatives on PG, we decided to not involve ourselves in fund-raising activites as they are not sustainable. We can go ahead and collect clothes etc.

So what do we do?

Prasanna, where art thou?

Sorry for being late!
Too busy with the work @ office n lazy enough @ home not to log into PG

Coming to the discussion, what Uday said is absolutely right... I hope all of these can be discussed 2mrow. I did not really go through the community service threads of other cities; probably we can look for a leaf or two from the other success stories @ the other community service threads! But onething - I think we need to regroup ppl of MVF_hyd_Vol n others make a resolution to 2mrow to keep ideas flowing throughout the yr to make HCS more lively:)
Hi Prasanna,

Sivaramapally... :-/ Is it the same one that is beyong gandipet?

C ya @ the meet!

Even I did not visit the orphanage @ Shivrampally till now; I was meeting those students at Mehdipatnam; but I think it's actually somewhere close to Mehdipatnam. Let me reconfirm.

Seeing the response of the ppl over here, it looks like we are going to have a great New year's Meet on cards

..any initiative any ideas guys as of now or shall we wait for a offline meet?

Yeah......certainly MVF is the first one we can look at ... Uday bhai can give us more inputs on this..

Apart from this, I know two orphanages run by Hyderabad Children's Aid Society at Mehdipatnam & Shivarampally. The main problem here is the orphan students who complete their 10th have to face the world with a blank mind - with a question "What to do?" I personally dont have a clue on how to proceed on this; but probably we together can think about this - like having a one month course like teaching Basic computer skills so that this can be very useful for them.

As Uday said, the new years meet can get us more inputs!
Are ppl interested in reviving the activities here in Hyd ?

Yeah Ketan, there are people who are interested.
I regret I haven't been to PG since some time.
But certainly there are few activities in which I've been involved in the mean time.
You can check them out HERE.

I think it's time we get back to our friends - Uday (Hobbes), Ravi n others!
It also has been a long time since we heard about MVF's Project 511.
Udayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.....Whr r uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu???????????

Ketan, PM me your number/mail ID so that we can discuss it further.
I'll also try to get in touch with Uday & others.

Hi all,

The classes are going on quite well, thanx for the successful organisation by Pratsy.
The guyz there are so inclined towards learning that they r opting to sit in the class continously for any no. of hrs. We taught them the basic sentence formations, subject, object, verb, made them form sentences from their telugu case studies and lil on parts of speech as Pratsy suggested.

There, the hostel warden briefed us about a physically challenged student who completed his 10th recently staying in that BC Hostel, Mahindra Hills where we are teaching now (he is a one of the English learning students there-name is Srinu). Currently he is looking for people who can sponsor him for his Intermediate. NewVision Inter College offered him Intermediate free of cost, but he could not get a sponsor for his accomodation.

His case study is pathetic. His family is so poor that everyone in his family used to work for daily labour. Adding to their woes, his father was addicted to liquor and used to harass them a lot. So he fled from home and used to beg/work in the Nampally station from where MVF guyz picked him and joined him in the BC Boys hostel directly in 7th standard after a small bridge course. He scored reasonably well(around 400/600 ) in 7th which eventually was his first year in school. As time progressed, he showed very good progress and the teachers were expecting SSC score of more than 520. Unfortunately, he came to know of his father's expiry when he was about to face exams in about one month. He fled back to home without informing to anyone in the hostel and was spending his time in a pathetic manner in the railway stations............until the MVF authorities found him and brought back to the hostel. Somehow he managed to score very well - 457/600. He scored less in the languages .. as they may be the starting exams after he was brought back. He scored around 85 in Maths, Science as well as Social. His admission to APRJC was rejected as he wasn't a student of AP residential schools though he got 8th rank in the Physically Challenged category of APRJC. The warden there is taking him to the Tribal Welfare Officer tomorrow, hoping for some sort of help. This guy is very much inclined towards doing well in Intermediate and then wanted to join IITs.

If anyone has some info on NGOs that help these sort of guyz or if anyone wants to directly help him...please contact Mr. Narsappa, Warden, BC Boys Hostel. His number is 040-2373772. Or contact me, that warden stays near the place where I stay. Presently he is taking care of this guy out of his personal interest.

I will try to help him on behalf of our group-AegisIndia. But we have already few students in queue that we have committed to. Hope no one mistake me that I am trying for fund raising - it is just to make sure that a bright student is not denied the education he deserves!


Prasanna, what abt you and your frends? When can you guys come in?

We (3 or 4 in number) would love to come in the weekends. Atleast for two days a week, that would relieve the guyz who r taking up classes every day. Inform us the good time that we can jump in, after finalizing the time for the teacher. It would be better if we are updated what's exactly happening there, as far as the teaching is concerned so that we will not confuse them from the word go. I think it's better if we see the proceedings there on this saturday and start teaching from sunday.
allo junta...
had a 'meet' 2day... apparantly...only 6 ppl turned up...
classes will start on 18th as scheduled...
the morning slot will b filled by rohit, naisargi & apoorva (9-12.30) thru out the prog
anyone willin 2 take up the 3.30 - 5.30 post or buzz me on yahoo...
a brief on what u'd have 2 deal with
story tellin
traslation (of a telugu sentence into english)
pictionary games .. idea is 2 get them more comfy with d lang(english)
reading articles..etc..
make them write small sentences..

pratsha aka dmitri

That's gr8 going, thanx for the good work Pratsy.
I'm truly missin this prg... it suddenly took a diff turn from the initial weekend plan!
Aye here ! Pretty willing to give some time and any day should be fine. Can I have the details of the whole program like where it is conducted and what are they looking for.


Hi Rohan,

You or any other junta who are interested in the Naandi programs can obtain the details of whole prg by contacting either Aparna ( or Sweety (

Hi junta,

Though this is not related to HCS-Proj3, just wanted you to update you on this.
I spoke to Aparna and Sweety of Naandi foundation this evening about their initiatives with respect to education. In brief,

  1. Naandi is mainly operating in the Service sectors of Health, Livelihood and Education.

  2. As far as the education is concerned, Naandi's mission is Universal Elementary Education (similar to and sometimes same as Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan of the Govt.)

  3. Naandi is operating in sync with the Government in 5 mandals presently around Hyderabad - Asifnagar, Bahadurpura, Bandlaguda, Sheikpet and Golconda.

  4. Their project is known as "Support Our Schools" and they have adopted 297 schools where in they will look after many things including Mid Day meals.
  5. The volunteer guild or the Corporates can adopt one school and can work on its' progress. She has given the acronym - SEC(I think it is School Education C... forgot the acual one). I think from this year they are going to give National best SEC award every year.
  6. Other than this, they have the "Power of 10" project where they collect Rs.10/ from an individual, usually from the Corporates so that the amount goes on useful purpose for the children.
  7. Other than these projects, individula guyz like us can help them in many projects like - Computer Aided Learning (CAL), which is from 23rd to 28th of June. Many volunteers have already enrolled to teach on 28th which happens to be a Saturday. They are looking for guyz who can take one day off and who can help them on any of the other days. For this CAL, they are looking for volunteers who can help from 9AM to 11AM. Here the volunteers need to spend time with small children. They are saying it would be great fun!!
  8. If we are willing to spend some time as volunteers, they told we can give them the amount of time that we can spend in their service activities per month or year and also our interest area of Service in advance so that, they will plan our participation and intimate us so that we can go there n chip in with some Service.
  9. Well, they were also interested in going thru the PG's HCS thread. Let's see if anything great comes out.

Kalyan,Ravi, Pratyusha.. any outcome from your meeting with Mr.Arvind today?