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Hi friends,

Well, its been a looong time since I logged on to PG... Must say, the site has changed quite a bit :)

As Pendyal and Khota have said, life here is really hectic with the neverending stream of quizzes, assignments and projects.... but we've had lodsa fun too.. especially during the inter-section cultural competition.

Khota has lived up to his reputation at WIMWI too... he is one of the star spammers in Dbabble too:) ,apart from doing well in acads of course.

14 days to go for the term break..

Will post in detail soon ..

Till then,



Hey guys,

Great to hear that the Delhi PG meet rocked!! I coudn't make it as I had my last exam as an engineer from 2-5 yesterday .

Hope to be there at the next PG meet!



I am pretty sure this is a part of something more sinister..

I've received a pamphlet with Dutch, Russian, Arabic and French instructions for a god damned lawn mower!


PS : Hmmm.... very interesting! People are getting instructions manuals for different products and in different languages. Let's see what all this is about.

14th May
15th May
Dilip (Guitar_Killer)


Any of the Either Days
i knew it, as delhi pg meet thread was re-opened

this thread is gonna die........come on dilli de junta
contribute and make it alive........

Aapne pukaara aur hum aa gaye

This thread rocks! Dilli waalas will sure give a tough fight to those Mumbaikars out here on PG!

Spread the msg abt the PG Delhi meet (14th/15th May) around!!
First of all...hats off to Screw-me.:) He really showed that he has the heart to achieve when it matters the most(and also the car to do it ).Alonso looks to be the likely successor to Screwme in F1.
But,wtf is happening to McLaren.Here we had Kimi leading the race and then look what happens...another car failure...damn.Wurz finished fourth but then that was hardly the result we were looking for.Really thought that Kimi could have won the race.

Hey Undertaker,

It gladdened my heart to read your comment there on Schumi... As I had pointed out in a post on this thread earlier, the driver plays an integral role in achieving a podium result.. So even though the Scuderia car was a notch better and faster, it still required MS to do the job to get to 2nd place... It was one of those days when he drove like God!

Of course, I would be doing a great disservice to Alonso if I did not give him credit for his driving skills, especially in the last laps.. Knowing very well that he had a better car in his rear view mirrors, he drove a beautiful defensive race! Hats off to you man!

Ultimately, I am happy that with this race, F1 finally got out of the morass that had been plaguing it for the last few races (inspite of the result ). I wish and pray that the rest of the season is comprised of such hard fought, exciting and thrilling races.


PS : Please let this thread not disintegrate into personal flaming wars! After all we all are in the Brotherhood of F1 lovers!
hello prasanna...ur xam will finish on all right...u can join on 14th evening...i dont think ur xams will b in evening..??
rest all PGites..confirm ur available date..

Hey Akhil,

What you've suggested would be no problem if the exam is scheduled in the morning slot..

However, if it is scheduled in the afternoon (2-5 PM), then it will be quite difficult for the DCE/NSIT ppl (who are a handful) to make it to CP or South delhi from Rohini and Dwarka respectively.. Hence, I felt that 15th would be a better choice... If it is eventually decided to kep it on the 14th, rest assured, I'll be there!


hey now thats a good idea, list must goes like this

14th May

15th May

Any of the Either Days

Make that 15th for me too.... exams on 10th, 12th and 14th
you think this forum is the only form of communication between me and svetlana :biggrin:
dude, faccha hokar tucchi pe fight mar raha hai???


Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I think madiyer is a gal

Hey tucchas/tucchis,

Can we land up at IIMA a few days before and get acco in the dorms? Somebody had posted this on the yahoo group but there was no reply to this query..