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Hi Guys,
Nice to see a thread on Calvin here...great....
I'm great fan this cutie, who has fab philosp in life.

Thats was sure an enerzier. the post is kind of morale boost which says its not yet late start today. Thanks.

4)What goes around the world but stays in a corner?

9)Until i am measured,i am not known.yet how u miss me,when i have flown,what am i ? (i think its thanda matlab WATER )


CAT     sos help

Hey this is kind of cool site where U get almost all and U acn even ask for.....Use takes U thru....actually U get into different threads unknowingly...its so fun and informative.
Keep browsing ...I'm sure U will get addicted to this.

Can U send me Ur mail id where invitation has to be sent.....

OK, Thanks for the info, I thought author of the post is elegible to delete the post.

I have been given bonus 6 more gmail invitations....reasons don't Ia hve total of 10.
Let me know if anyone needs gmail account.

I have 4 gmial invitations left....anyone interested let me...its first come first serve basis plz.


From where should I delete the post I have posted?
I have seen edit/delete but cudn't figure out how to delete.

I planning for Time, but due to work life I'm not able to attend anything....So I'm looking for some interaction like this, where I can get some fundas during work breaks.