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AIM CAT @gauravii
in how many different ways can the letters of the word 'STRESS' be arranged ?

@pankudude (Pankaj Handa) Sir,
I have sent you a PM. Please reply!

castiel14791 Says
bhaai uthaa dio..agar aa jaae

Kal to uth jana! Dheeraj ka quiz hai :-P

HALA MADRID!! Teach those Bavarians a footballing lesson today!!!

So results coming tomorrow morning at 6 or 11? Or there would be further adieu?

after IIM ABC,MDI,NITIE,IIFT and IIT B,D and statistics says that already IIT R waitlist has moved by 40 at least .....
because i myself know 7-8 people by now who wnt join IIT R even if they convert...

And considering last years' trends, i expect similar movement this time too Or rather, i hope it does!!!!
gauravdadhich Says
Haan ji,Roorkee bhi apply kiya hai. But yaar,IIT Madras mein 4 ka movement difficult lagta hai. But hope you are right!

Bro, just in the result thread itself, you'd find 2-3 people who aren't joining!
Your convert is inevitable!
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ateotia Says
Are you all really really sure??

I am damn sure! I was shortlisted! And i know people who weren't dur to low sectionals. So chill out bro!
Bro IIT Madras has given Quant and Verbal cutoff of 88 for general. Is it likely IIT R will use the same?? My Quant is 86.4 and verbal is 98.72.
anybody any idea??

Bro don't worry...
Those aren't the cutoffs for final selection! Those were for the GT/PI shortlisting!

Rejected! Wasn't really expecting much after screwing up the interview! Congrats to those who converted!!

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