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Is there any Facebook Group for the Class of 2013 at SPJIMR...Kindly let me know

roshni_de Says
seriously man,isnt there a waitlist for the general category??

I had just called up the admissions office regarding the WL in GEN category and they told that it has been released along with the results...people who wud have been in the WL wud have gt it along with the results.
imbondjamesbond Says
if you would made it then also i believe you would be heading to SPJIMR...???

Would have felt better had I converted it

Not in ..headed to SPJIMR

abhishekgoyal6 Says
Its not fake man..there are people who are selected..m is present of the home page under admissions tab..what more you want??

Are the waitlists out?
Pragyan Says
This is fake....chk it in IIM K site..its nt out yet

sorry for the wrong post

This is fake....chk it in IIM K site..its nt out yet

nishtibrewal Says
i havent hrd of any interviews scheduled in april but on the mentor site it is written it wil go on til mid far as i know interview is being held only in 5 how long will it go on in balgalore...they started over there on 22..:O

I had my Interview at Bangalore on 21st...guess that was the starting day then


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Even I did not attend Immersion..however I have not yet received any mail wrt that.