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PG Cat Ginger: _Photo Credit Ravi Atluri_ The Common Admission Test (CAT) 2012 results have been declared.. Thrown open on the official CAT site just a few minutes ago, officials kept to their word of declaring the r
Pradnya Shirsat @pradn

ATB puys.. Believe in God..have patience.. all will be well..

I am in too

mera bhi ho gaya

oops wrong thread

kabhi to najar milao ..
kabhi to kareeb aao..

site pe result upload kar ke
link to hame dikhao..

ham bhi to hain pagal
refresh marte hain har pal..

new ka ye sign kam se kam
GD PI venue details se to hatao....:drinking::drinking::drinking:

maccha rahe ho ..

kisika koi relative IIML ke Admission Dept. main nahi hai kya??
yaar pata karwao yaar unse ki ho kya raha hai ??:drinking:
vishal27871 Says
paglane me b maja aa raha hai....

very true..

lagta hai ab kisi mandir jaaye aaye.. kuchtoh gadi aage bade :drinking::drinking:

hadd kar rahe hai yaar .. kab aayega resul... paglayen jaa rahe hai sab..

All the Best Puys... hope to see you all on the other side of the HelL

i m in too for 3rd stage..
but please seniors wheres the link for mentor programme..?

Link for the Mentorship Program :

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Can some body post the questions being asked in the personal data form .

not able to open that shortlist page currently .. looking at the questions ,if posted here by somebody , i can at least start thinking of the answers ..

plz somebody post the questions here...:lookround:

Here are the questions :

1. Why do you wish to go for a management career?
2. What alternative careers are you considering and why?
3. Describe your strengths and weaknesses as identified by you.
4. What is your most significant accomplishment so far?
5. What are your present hobbies?
6 What are your achievements in extra curricular activities since school level? (this has been asked topic in Sports, Cult and Organizational)