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The trend has been a deduction of 1k if you withdraw before the classes begin, otherwise no amount will be refunded. Call admissions office (or people who have already withdrawn) for confirmation.

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Rahil Maniyar
PGDM - Batch of 2012

i called admissions office... one day they said 15th june.. other day they said 30th june.....
Legendaaary Says
how much do they deduct in case we withdraw in the first or second week of july?

As far as I know its 1k or nothing after last date.... kindly confirm...
oram Says
can you tell me the exact date, it will be very helpful :

i think we shud personally friend told me....if nayone of u calls up kindly let me know too...
nayas Says
If you withdraw before 15th I think they will cut only 1k.

i think that date has been extended....
Satwinder Says
From 1st July. Report at North campus unless you get an explicit mail/notification stating otherwise. I expect that everyone will have their registration at North campus only.

registration at north campus is alright... but repoting at north campus without knowing where do we have to stay... should we report w/o renting flats ???

guys i just called up the admissions office to ask if they have decided on the North Campus vs South campus thing... the lady on the phone said that it will be informed to u by the end of june...I asked her how will we finalize our flats and rents and whether to take them in north or south campus, she said time to lagega... itne jaldi nahi batane waale... I dont understand one thing... and i am nto being rude but how can they increase the number of seats before even finalizing where they are going to accommodate the students......SHouldnt they have had a plan first and then decided to increase the seats...

  • 1 Like thru FMS finally after 11 weeks of excruciating wait.....
got d mail just now...........

congbrats catophilia... even i got thru......partyyy time...

Hey Puys, anybody who has enquired about OBC W/L movement in this round???

ET are Facts, Rankings on pagalguy are facts, check out yourself.

The research is not mine but published data from experts, my facts are right because i have visited many of these as well as industry.

Even then i prevail to emphasise the these are cues to give you a direction but importantly one must have an insight into one's Functional Choice, Domain Preference out of own SWOT, varify decision on field by visiting such b-schools, and decide professionaly not notionaly. Its not about employement its about employability in the longer run

Girls are not professional problem but equal competition , they make you smarter though.

Ajay, i agree with u on the SWOT analysis and how one shud choose where to go based on his /her ambitions. I understand that u want to say that check the facts and take ur decision considering the facts and one's career goals....But when u claim that ET rankings are facts they arent. ET rankings are crap... thats all i mean to say..
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My sincere advise to all , DO NOT GO by WHAT PEOPLE THINK and say, like below, these are mere opinions crafted out of ones thought and perception, which may not be relevant for everyone. Ground realities are what EXIST and gets recognised on longer run.

Suggest Take CUES from these, reserach DATA, FACTS, have an insight into your Functional Choice, Domain Preference out of your own SWOT, varify your decision on field by visiting such b-schools, and decide.

"be Focussed be The RIGHT you"

Are u talking about what i wrote about ET or what i wrote about FMS.... If ur talkign about ET.. my friend u have no idea whats going arnd... IMT ranked so high.. even get ur facts right....

If ur talking about what i wrote abou girls... ya may be thesee are my notions but again u can check by asking any IIM A B C guy

Ifur talking about the FMS vs IIM thing.. yup i agree totally. these are my views but thats the reason i have put in these so that I know what the views of others are... I am not brainwashing them as u have put it in ur thread......
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