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su chh Says
Thanks a lot....are u joining this yr or ws this a senior?

joining dis yr..
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swati chhh Says
Can seniors suggest sme accomodation for girls?? is d overpriced hostel worth it or shall i look fr sme flat personally?? and any other girl looking fr flatmates...then plz reply to this post..

Hostel is very expensive and food is nt included.. can join us if want...

Join the group
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sarthakroz Says
if its 32 rupees it is really got to be far from college.. i would advice not to stay so far as u need to maintain attendance...

Rs 32 for 4 ppl..means Rs 8 person. He said that he will book an auto..

Looking for mates... nd if I wont get mates then I will also look for appt...

Only For girls

I contacted a distant relative for accommodation purpose, this is what he told me

A flat at 10 mins distance from JB nagar area (coz some areas in ville parle are not safe for girls)
Cost Rs. 20000/ (For 4 person)
One room(double bed) and one hall(one sofa cum bed for 2 persons) equivalent to a size of room.
Amenities: Refrigerator, TV and provision for cooking and other facilities.
Distance: Auto rickshaw charges Rs 32 in all for 4 ppl from flat to college
Brokerage: 3 months deposit

Its urgent...wat all info is required to be filled in the form during doc verification process.. Not going personally..nd as today is the last day for RTGS payment..

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Name :- Prachi Khaitan
Place:- Kolkata
Working\fresher (age):-Employed (26 months)/24
Any other requirement:-Furnished,Electricity/water included, proximity to college

Selected in CM...nyone for doc verification from Kol?? pm me...wud love to see u guys in NM..

Thanx shanebond..u r and will be my inspiration

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can i mail the scanned copies of the required docs that need to be verified...

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Some problem with CA mark sheet... are they asking for it?? .. can submit it later on..i can show first and second level mark sheet but nt the final one..its with institute and because of exams cant collect it now..

Any CFA or other couse guys please help..

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