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My w/l 14 in pgp-abm got converted.. received a mail today

I want to know whts the fee for the programme for 2 yrs?

It's 6,95,000 rs. per year excluding mess fees plus 5,000rs. u have to send as a token of your acceptance :lookround:
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help! i sent 50,000 rs through neft on 15th april and also sent a mail regarding the same after i was intimated that i figured in the second merit list. in the spreadsheet provided by seniors here,my payment was shown as received but my name is nowhere to be seen on the waitlist neither the confirmed list nor the other incomplete details list! my xat id is 208844 and gim id is 15720

i didn't get any slot confirmation mail neither was the timer running at v-mock page.i had filled 2 slots for 5th and one for 6th,don't remember whether it was 1:30-2:00 pm waala which has been cancelled.have a night train for tomorrow and bunked college today coz had to show up at every slot possible at the v-mock site.

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hey all
i just checked into the slot selection webpage and now it says :
Dear Candidates,
The VI slot for Sunday 6th March from 1pm to 2:30 pm is now closed. Two new VI slots have been added. Those who have not completed their VI may now request any slot on Sunday, 6th March.
Thanks IMT Admissions Team.
so does this mean 5th march slots have been scrapped???
p.s. don't remember the preferences selected for 5th and now in the absence of any confirmation mail what to do??? check into the site at every interval dressed in formals :oops:

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i have my intrview tomorrow at ginger hotel too 8:30 slot.I went their to know the exact location,it's actually in surajmal vihar not vivek vihar :splat:
rest whole address is same,opposite east end club.

Take metro for anand vihar metro station . wahaa se it's very near..
Bas subeh subeh metro chalna chahhiye.. i hope it starts at 6 in the mornng.. but better not take risk.. and book a cab from gudgao... while returning u can take metro..
even i have at ginger on 3rd march..

hey.....even my questions did not load.the instruction video played out fine but then it said "loading next question" and was stuck on that. new thing,my webcam didn't load too....said "camera is not detected or used by other application.recording is not possible".........i tried to refresh the applet with the link given on the right several times and even closed down several programs from the taskmanager but the camera wasn't running anywhere else and still the same message on refreshing although the camera was running fine on the login page and the subsequent page. i reported the issue,got logged out automatically and when i tried to login again it said your time slot has already passed.

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whenever oppressive regimes try to stifle the voice of a common man,a gandhi is born. civil disobedience,non-violent protests and sheer unity among the masses are the biggest and only weapons in the hands of the ordinary middle class. mahatma gandhi being famous for the implementation of this tool successfully is naturally the point of reference here. it isn't jst the rebirth of mahatma gandhi,its the rebirth of his spirit at large,that is imbibed in all and sundry of the arab nations,instilling in them the confidence,the determination and the belief that they will succeed not because they have the will to fight for it but because they will fight for it till the end!!!

you will need to bring original 10th class marksheet,12th class marksheet,graduation all semesters' marksheet,work experience certificate if you have,cat score card copy and a photocopy of all these. they are checking if the candidates have quoted correct marks,calculating percentages and all

vikas023 Says
Ok Kindly answer this query of mine. I have got interview on this monday at 9.00 AM. Could anyone mention the link where the information regarding what all documents have to be brought is given? I tried to go through the site but couldn't find much. video recording is playing at a faster rate than the audio recording, and when i'm making some changes to make my picture clearer, it's playing even faster. there doesn't seem to be any change whatsoever in my webcam's settings. what to do?

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hey everyone........all my scores are above the cut-off specified in the shortlisting criteria but still no call:drinking:can anyone tell why?