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I did the IMS course before CAT 2002, and the Scholar's League course before CAT 2003. The difference is remarkable. What i found is, that like someone has already said, this insti is new. but compared to the others they are different in a GOOD way.
I saw an article in Deccan Herald Metro Life,(may first) so went over to the Scholar's League office (which is now on St Mark's Rd) to congratulate them.

Congratulate them....And you remeber exact dates... that is funny, a work of genius, or simple eccentric.

Well as far as the claims go, they claim 38 IIM calls (18 students) out of 90 students... not including GDPI students. Considering CP's claims of 7 out of 10 students in iimb, i wonder why they would have restricted themselves to this believable number if they were fibbing.

I totally agree. And I am sure all institutes hype it up by some percentage. But then 18 out of 90 ...... when i asked them for their tel nos. or e-mail IDs, they were reluctant.

Besides i did go thru the CAT 2003 paper (the leaked one) and there were 22 problems from the SL material. FACT!!

THis one is a killer. I mean, imagine going thru an institutes full material, just to check if the facts are correct. I dont believe this.

Other than that they conduct Scholarship tests before most batch starts and give sizable scholarships to students. When i did the course with them the one differentiator i saw was personalised attention. This helped me a lot. (Something i never even thought about in IMS's huge classes.) ALso i think their Mock CAT series and the Analysis and feedback they give was incomparable. They helped me guage the cutoffs really accurately.
If u are thinking of an insti which will help u maximise your strengths and strengthen your weaknesses this is it. You will never get this kind of personalised training anywhere else.
check out their website


THanks, but I have had enough.
I had nothing agains SL, but this mail was too much of a hard sell. I agree that small batch sizes and personal attention make a difference. Tht is why I visited them in the first place. But one of their former students really did not rate them very high. If they have a small class strength, then no one should have complains, right ?

Infact I have joined a similar institute, and it is NOT Scholars League. Reasons for joining, remain the same, just more comfortable with them, and enjoying it as of yet.

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Ok, let me give you the most foolish things that one can do to not succeed in CAT.

1. Mark answers randomly. :x Believe me, i thought i would never do it. Imagine marking 10 questions blindly. Well I was so psyched out in hte last 5 minutes that something I had never done before, and knew was not be done, JUST DID IT.

2. Mark randomly with no pattern. :shock: I just marked adcbcddcabbcdab.... with no pattern. A smart guy later pointed out that if I did mark randomly, I had a better chance if I marked all As, or all Bs, or Cs or Ds. He even proved it using some probability theory (which I still cannot prove).

3. Slow preparation in last week. I tought as I had done enough, i should slow my pace and learn to relax. Last 7 days just took 2 tests, and was very slow off the block in CAT. That was the end of CAT.

4. Start with Math . Biggest mistake. It is not that my Math is week, but the CAT had really tough Math, and I thought I was screwing it up. Ended up screwing the rest of the paper too.

More blunders later, too many in a single mail really reflects bad on me.

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Hey thussu,
that is a surprising piece of info. What is your source. That is really a huge disappointment for people like me with 3 years work-ex.

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Hi junta,
Am yet to decide on which insti to join. Will probably do very soon, considering TIME as everyone seems to be recommending it on pg and Career Avenues, as a couple of my frieends recomended, bcoz they made it into the very best - IIms.
Anyway, does anyone know a good, quiet and safe library / reading room in bangalore where one could quitely sit and take tests. Just not happening at home, and if i do that at work I am sure to be fired .

Hi Neha,
Read elsewhere that you have joined Career Avenues. So have I. Which batch are you in? My batch starts Aug 1, and am looking for study partners who can sit at CAV office and work together. Have been doing that for the last couple of days, and so far so good.
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To find 25^24%601

while solving i reached uptil 24^3%601.
after that i dont know what to do...
my method was
625^12%601 => 576^6%601 => 625^3 % 601 = > 24^3%601 => ?

ans is 1

am i correct till this point??

Hi, u r right.

I did it in the same way.
25^ 24 when divided by 601

25^2 = 625 = 24 mod 601
25^24 = 24^12 mod 601

now 24^12 mod 61 means that when value is divided by 601, remainnder is 24^12. But as remainder > divisor, the question becomes
24^12 when divided by 601 is what remainder

24^3 = 1 mod 601
24 ^ 12 = 1 mod 601

Answer is 1
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THe question was easy, but the solutions all used formulae. let me try a different method.

2/3 and 3/5.

We are interested in equal number of married males and females. Hence take same base for numerator. i.e. lcm of numerator.
fractions become 6/9 and 6/10. i.e. 6 out of 9 women and 6 out of 9 men. Hence of 19 adults, 12 are married.


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harapri jee,
which site did you find the answer at ?

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CAT hota kya hai.

My two elder bros ar both from IIMs (A and c resp), and both did not prepare for CAT. Got through in their first attempts. Both C.As. CAT did not give perentile around then, but i know that their Math was far worse than mine.

I have prepared for CAT twice (grudgingly and without much seriousness). Have got high percentles (98+) both times, and am half a CA. Got into L and I last year, but still gave it up to finish CA.

I feel that if you can keep your cool, then clearing cut-offs is amazingly simple. getting 15 is not that difficult if you choose the rights Qs.

So please stop sweating 'bout CAT and get on with your lives. Just a couple of hours a day reading papers, and solving puzzles is good enough for the above average candidate. And take some Mock CATs for practice. Do Math BRM's on your own and leave hte rest to lady luck (the most important ingredient, i say) .

And work on GDs and interview, they are more difficult than CAT as quality of competition is much better.

p.s. (food for thought): Heard that IIM-A is the most difficult B-school in the world to get in as applicants per seat is highest. But would not that logic make iim-i and iim-k much tougher to get in as seats are lesser and 99% of IIM-A applicants also apply to these.


One from me too. could not figure this out.

If from a sphere of radius 'a', the largest possible cylinder is extracted, then what is the ratio of their volumes.

i remember seeing somewhere that there is a standard solution.


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Nothing new in what nawab sahab is saying. if any institute claims that they have 22 questions from CAT in their material, then either CAT is copying from their material (unlikely) or both have come across the same set of material to copy from (low probability, and 22 questions as cliamed by some institute is a probability of 1/100000000) or IIMs are just repating themselves and the institutes have published earlier CAT questions (most likely).

So nawab sahab, do some good, and keep posting questions and answers so that we can benefit. Too tough or not, each of us can decide for ourselves.


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