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drunk jerk Says
can i get a copy too..!?

Hi Guys can i get a PM too of that?
WUd be glad if u can send it to me


Hey guys count me in for the next meet too... Been sometime since i came to PG-Land. And hey vicky dude, looks like we will be the relative newbies(atleast me considering i missed out the one before this too) .

Anyway quite a pleasant surprise seeing the ratio of the turnout and addition of more newbies! Almost all the nicks seem new to me! But then true to Chennai PGMeet tradition guess there were no snaps..the last meet being an aberration!
Btw how about some more info on the newbies? Incase you are wondering abt my curiosity I am a "true bleu" chennaite and still have fond memories of the meets which on an average didnt have more than six people !! :smile:

Exactly .... Almost all the nicks? That is an understatement lol.


wow.... something good after CAT hehe........

PG this rally is awesome man...................

That was prabhu from our college, he used to check the results etc from this site..
so I also started checking results.

Hehe??? Spyin from my screen???? Gosh....

and worse i am lookin into this thread after more than a year lol

All The Best Junta. I wonder what i wud have done without PG(Dont go by the number of posts.. hehe). Hope to c many of u wherever i end up at.And lotsa luck for everyone of you.


pretty nice post .... Thanx for takin to time to pen down ur thoughts ambuj.


CAT     Simcat 8

Net score of 54.75

A score of 65 was definitely achievable in this paper.Anyways my break-up is
QA- 10
DI - 20.50
VA - 23.75

Best of luck for the real one guys.


The insider
American Beauty
Saving Pvt Ryan -- overcoming fear and all that stuff
Shawshank Redemption

misha Says
hey great to see so many ayn rand fans....count me in.......her writing, concept, language and all are quiet good......but theres one flaw i've noticed in her novels........repeatition......i mean after you've read half the novel you can very easily predict what a characters gonna that gets really boring.....its like MATRIX and its sequels in the same book...........anyways thats not kept me from reading them.....they get me totally hooked

haha... very true..

But if it turns out they do stuff unpredictably like in some thriller that wudnt conform to the style is bcoz rand propounds her philosophy so nicely that we get to predict what her characters will get to do. it is first a work on philosophy and only then is it a fiction.


hi saurabh this is not the right thread to post such an article.Plz do post such stuff in the jokes thread.