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Hi guys, posting a topic here which i feel can be important from gdpi point view, considering the recent developments in India.

Should capital punishment(Death sentence) be abolished in India?

P.S: Diverse views are most welcome but no ranting against any community please!


Yes capital punishment should be abolished in India. Every year Courts sentence death penalty to criminals. But how many are actually sentenced to death? criminals are still running around freely. So Capital Punishment exists in our country only on papers. Moreover Capital Punishment hardly ends the crime! Its been in the country for quite some time but has the CRIME in our country really stopped! no it has hasn't.
I m an OMS candidate.
Can u pls tell me if i need to fill College forms now or after GDPI??

For MMS from Mumbai university you will have to wait for the result. Register for gd/pi and then on the basis of ur score you will get your college. (Because its a centralized process.)
For PGDM you should fill up the form.

can anybody please tell me whether delhi is a gd/pi center for cet or not?? will i have to come to maharashtra for my gd/pi??

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hi Friends, sry for remain inactive. I was busy with my cousin's marriage.
let's start this discussion once again. topic is

Should internet censored?

Internet is a leading source of knowledge. Information about every topic can be found on the internet. It's also a place where people globally express themselves. We all have freedom of expression. Censoring the internet takes away the right to freely express your opinion. Monitoring every objectionable matter on the internet would mean putting boundations on people's right of expression.
pful Says
can we file the RTI in a group....will that be more effective....if that is so...then just tell me where to sign ....im damn sure that i deserve a much better score....:banghead:

i m with u.. i m shocked to know my percentile!

Dissappointed with my result!

Puys.. Is the form for CET out?? When is the last of applying??
Please direct me to the appropriate link where i cld find relevant information regarding last dates www.dte.org.in
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