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Got confirmation from IMT Ghaziabad :)

Sub: Admission to Post Graduate Diploma in Management (Finance) IMT Ghaziabad Campus

Cat 92.26
B.Tech 73
XII 94
X 90..
Work Ex. 21 Months....

Need to pay 50K before 2nd april...

Best wishes..

so u plannin 2 join??
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Hi..I am still confused a bit...I got the following mail..

Does this mean I converted it??? Please tell...

Sub: Admission to Post Graduate Diploma in Management (Full-Time) IMT Ghaziabad Campus

Dear xxxx xxxx,

We are pleased to make you a provisional offer of admission to our PGDM (Full-Time) Ghaziabad programme for 2012-2014 Batch.

You are required to deposit the first installment of fees Rs. 50,000/- (Rupees Fifty Thousand Only) by A/C payee draft in favour of Institute of Management Technology. The demand draft must be drawn on any scheduled bank, payable at Ghaziabad/Delhi and must reach us on or before Monday, April 02, 2012 at the following address:

Chairman - Joint Admission Committee:
IMT, A-16, Site-3,
UPSIDC Industrial Area
Meerut Road, Ghaziabad 201 003

In case of default in payment, your admission stands automatically cancelled and the seat will be allotted to the next candidate in the waiting list.

For your information, we have a tie-up with Central Bank of India for education loan for candidates who get admission offer from IMT. The candidates can avail this facility at a substantially lower rate of interest and other terms and conditions than the market.

For any further clarification(s) please get in touch with the undersigned.

Yours Sincerely,

Dr A M Sherry
Chairman (Joint Admissions Committee)

yes it does mean u converted!
i got the same mail
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It is results time now. Even though the results won't be out before 9th Feb, many of you must be sure of the NMIMS call, especially the ones with 210+.

Allow me to share some GD 'tips' with you...Please keep in mind that these are developed keeping in mind the NMIMS GD process only.

When you enter the GD room, it will be a batch of 8-10 people inside. There would be 3 faculty members present to grade you. Only one of them would interact with you during the whole process of 15 minutes.

1. You are not supposed to look at the judges while speaking, you MUST pay full attention to your batch.

2. You should try to be the one among the first 3-4 people to speak. If you manage to speak sense within the first 2-3 minutes, you might well have clinched the deal.

3. It does not mean that you interrupt other people initially. GIVE EQUAL CHANCE TO OTHERS, Show them that you are MANAGER material.

4. If you have spoken around 3-4 times introducing examples, new ideas or a different take on the topic, your job there is done.

5. NEVER shout, abuse or interrupt during the process.

6. Have a chit-chat with your group before you enter the room to create a sense of ease. Make a common agreement against a fish market. Remember, even if you don't indulge in a 'fish market' GD, the whole group is given 0. This comes straight from our faculty.

7. The topics would be more general than current affairs. They would demand that you delve into your past readings to come up with something smart. My topic last year was " Are e-devices reducing importance of libraries?"

8. Don't start the discussion if you are not sure about the topic. Hear some people out so that you can form your opinions.

9. If it is a topic like " Is Lokpal justified?", NEVER take a side initially, ever. Assess the situation, give pros and cons and then you may summarize later.

10. Dress smartly, it helps. Wear a suit !!

The panel would give you two topics, your batch has to vote and decide. Normally, you would not face a topic which sews up your mouth. 15 minutes, that is all you would get. Make use of it.

Refer to past PG articles for more tips too.

Next Up: HR GE process tips !!

Hey Manas...i've score 213 in the 2nd attempt...QS: 72, LS 77, LR 64...overall 213...wt chances in mumbai core? Also...i dont remember for which all programs i hv applied to...can u tell me whr do i check? Nmims dont send any mail saying u've registered fr these programs ..Pl help...thnx!!
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Very faint chance chap.. I wont say it is absolutely nt dere.. Again,if u get selected for the next round, it must be a kind of exception.

ATB btw.

Hey thanx! Do u knw wt d avg packages fr each wud b??
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Heya! m Pooja, currently working in L&T...did; my engg from VJTI (mumbai) n now plannng 2 get through a gud b-school

Hello, I got 94.38%tile in CAT-->shocking extremes in sections... 99.65%in Verbal/LR & 60.16% in Quant/Di :'( Do i have hopes anywhr?? I've applied to SpJ, Nitie, IMT-G, FMS

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