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@sav-9 @Highway66 @ferlonso sir ekdam basic sa doubt hai! suppose we have to distribute 12 chocolates among 4 kids such that they get min 1 and max 5 chocolates.Find the no of ways!
Hey guys...I am never able to solve questions like the following: A,B,C play a game with fixed initial number of marbles, where each can pick one or two marbles. Whoever picks the last marble wins. What should be the min no of starting marbles so that A wins. etc... Can anyone tell me from whe...
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Lets say A and B can pick any number of marbles between 1 and 5 and the total no of marbles is 100 and the last one will be the loser. In that case, we need to think that 99 marbles shud be taken by both by them and hence find femainder when 99 is divided by sum of max and min i.e 1 and 5 = 6 shud be taken by me. Hence I shud take 3. 

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can any one tell me is the test content in Test Funda is at par with cat or should i practice more tougher questions...and the percentile which iam getting there..will vary to what extent on the actual day..if iam getting some where the same marks..

Amit is standing on vertex A of triangle ABC, with AB = 3, BC = 5, and CA = 4. Amit walks according to the following plan: He moves along the altitude-to-the-hypotenuse until he reaches the hypotenuse. He has now cut the original triangle into two triangles; he now walks along the altitude to the hypotenuse of the larger one. He repeats this process forever. What is the total distance that Amit walks?

(a) 48/25 (b) 12/5 (c) 12 (d) 15

  • h=2.4...and h'=1.92... r=4/5.. sum=2.4/(1-4/5)=2.4*5=12. 27 Aug '14.
  • @happy3475 ...sir can you please go a bit deeper...:(. 27 Aug '14.
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h=2.4...and h'=1.92... r=4/5..


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@happy3475 ...sir can you please go a bit deeper...:(

Although i am not an an expert but good in Quant.Said that i would welcome my friend shoot any quant related query :).On the other hand my Verbal is weak to hope someone here can help me to improve in that area.
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Hi All! Which quant topics are the hardest from CAT point of view? I would like to tackle them first. Please :smiley:
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It's not from CAT pov , its from ur pov.

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Hey guys please tell how to solve this questions..options given are very close to each other.. 434101/387328 1)1.03 2)1.07 3)1.12 4)1.15 5)1.23
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just keep the first 2 digits and check 43/38 = 1.13 , so the focus is on option (3),(4)
Now since we have removed more from the denominator and since it is an improper fraction, so our value shud have increased, so the answer shud be less than 1.13 and so option (3) is a good guess. If you can be sure yet, you consider going upto 3 digits and check the division

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can anybody tell how much of trigonometry you need to know for cat and other exams ????? __