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funny thing when i logged on after ages.first thing i see is the laptop thread..

Ya.. I also wud like to confirm the warranty thing.. one kind of warranty is Carry in.. whr u have to personally take the laptop with u to get it repaired....

Whch kind of warranty does HP offer...

Will clarify that part on behalf of Binish...Pavilions carry International travellers warranty and full coverage within India. so if u face any issue within India, u will easily get service pronto....

saw some query on prices being cheaper in US.Very true...coz laptops are not manufactured in India and HP hs to cover for import duty/CVD/Excise...so net ur dollar conversion works out to be much more than 44-45....

lot of companies in INdia who are registered with STPI buy in USD to avoid this taxation funda...

Anil, I think I want to get one of these myself now with all the freebies

only sad thing is I won't get any credit within office for this deal coz i don't handle this product line ??:


p.s I work with HP, so all facts said about the laptop are true to the best of my knowledge...

p.p.s am relieved to find that typing in a post and quoting people is still as easy ever...
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Will be in blore from may beginning for work

PM me if anyone of u wants to meet up then..:smile:

abt pastimes in IIM A, u cud play baddy, watch infinite number of movies, Sitcoms like Friends on LAN, listen to music, play multiplayer games at 3 am , and go out with friends on weekends mebbe for a movie and eatout...and lots of other stuff too


Does IIMA have similar (or better) lateral placements.. and .. someone pointed out that if I want to stick to IT field after PGP,, then ISB is probably a better choice.. Could someone tell me about the scene on lateral palcements at A.

Lateral placements are present in IIM A, and they have really gained momentum especially from this year. I don't have enough info to compare lateral placements at IIM A and ISB, but i can comment on the placements here. I can vouch for the fact that IT placements for lateral candidates have been excellent this year, with a number of big companies turning up on campus.

Booz Allen Hamilton recruited for IT consulting only at IIM A from India for laterals. Also most of the big names in IT including Microsoft, Deloitte Consulting, IBM , HP etc visited the campus for laterals. Bain and Marakon Consulting made offers through laterals.
Some of the stats for lateral placements at IIM A this year.
Number of companies: 31
Number of offers made: 112
Number of live acceptances: 72 (after taking into account rollovers)
Number of foreign offers: 20
Number of foreign acceptances: 16

The salary details should be there in the official placement report...

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well bhaiyaa
hostel ka food???how is it!!!! me really despearte to know abt it!!!!!
gyan gyan gyan

errrr....the majority find it pretty decent....( i am part of the minority who don't) new contractor for mess from last year..so things have improved quite a lot...but still long way to go...mess fud is mess fud is mess fud...

Congrats all PGites who made it!!!!!!

after the initial euphoria dies down feel free to post queries ant anthg abt this place...am sure there will be some one from the insti to reply...and keep u on track...my info might get outdated soon..i 4get that i am now an alumni:whatthat:

but right now am at A for a couple more days..so feel free to post any quick queries..

Congrats again!!!!!


hi guys,
sorry if this post sounds ignorant...my job posting is in Blore and i will b shifting there around May. Wanted to know if there was any way I could help out in some way during weekends.
Especially in teaching. Have done a little work of that nature during my graduation but post grad here was too hectic:smile:

If there is a thread which explains the activities do post the link...

and how do i sign up?


ET article which throws some light on CTC..
Wat abt Shashwat Sharma, Shantanu Verma n Aditya Malik

Shashwat and Aditya - HLL S&M;
Shantanu - Lehman
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Anuj: actually was enquiring of Aditya Paranjape..

slippy aka aditya paranjpe is joining Alghanim Industries, Kuwait.
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Any idea where parag jain got placed?
Parag got placed in P and G Finane

Where did Sidin Vadakut get placed?

AT Kearney
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