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7What is the unit of fame?

Heyy Apurva

Can U please clarify this...Searched in the net but couldnt find anything with respect to that...

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Just mail the admisson coordinator available in the admisson page of the IRMA site once u logged in...they will mail u in one day...:)

Hiii all

My take on the answer is option 5 i.e. none of these...Picture this the tower is placed on the origin of the rectangular co-ordinate system.B is towards the west(-ve x axes) and A is towards south...Given AB=3km..
Let AO(distance from origin to A)=x
and OB=y
So,x=h/tan 30 and y=h/tan60.
Since AB=3,therefore x2+y2=9.
On substituting x & y,we get h=3(3^0.5)/(10^0.5)..
So,answer is None of these.:)

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It is seen most of the management colleges first conduct an entrance test where we have to dole out somewhat around 800-1600/- bucks then again have to spend another 1000-1400 bucks each for applying into there different colleges(Ex- Symbiosis).Needlesss to say this puts up a lot of financial burden ion the students...My query here is this thw same case with IBS we have to apply indiviually again to its individual institutes?? It would be great if anybody can answer this question of mine...Thanks in Advance.

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Hey Fidasal

Its great u started this thread..I wanted to know about the placement prospects in IRMA..what are the profiles offered to students it fully social devlopment oriented..actually what i am in the lookout for is a job in which i get decent money and at the same time get to help people :)....does people get profiles of this kinda there??