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I am no senior, but i can answer your question.
See the companies which recruit from IIM,XLRI,FMS, they go there with different set of pay packages and profile, then which they offer at tier 2 colleges like LBSIM or others.
So generally there is no overlapping between the offers made at these two categories, so placement wont get affected here.
But with opening up of New IIM, will surely affect MDI,NITIE,JBIMS and likes, not in a regular way but it will affect the top offers slipping out of their hands and going to IIMs.

Hello Seniors..

Just a Thought came to mind so wanted to share...Will Opening up of New IIMs last year and few more this year will it affect the Placements of the Colleges like LBSIM and also similar ranked ones..It maybe a far fetched Question but a Question no Doubt I am Gonna join LBS 2011-13 Batch in Gen Category...
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Results are out, Cut-off is 80

Thanks for your reply, I'd like to correct one small fact that IMT-G is having Cut-off of 94 this year, as i am in WL with 94.35 and others with same have converted also.
I am also in IMI WL @ 198.

I wanted to clarify here that IMI gave profile based calls this year and so cut off was 92 last year it was 95 for IMI and IMT and 89.74 for LBSIM , if you are stating facts please state them completely , and this year nobody less than 95 has converted IMT GHZ

I had a LBSIM convert and i found it a very professional and worthy institute , the seniors like chirag puri were so honest about their feedback

I had done a lot of research about LBS last year , and i can vouch its a decent institute and an upcoming one

I'll advice you to research a bit more before posting naive questions.
IMI called 500+ for 180 seats along with a waitlist of 430+
IMT called 882+ for 420 seats , actual waitlist figure is unknown as the WL do come one after the other, last year WL got cleared till 1550+
KJ and FORE didn't disclosed the actual no. so its unknown, even IMT didn't disclosed it but one of the puys run a script and found out these no.

utkarsh89 Says
So could u name a few colleges in the same category as LBS which gives buffer calls as in the same proportion as thr seats??Fore Kj Imt IMI and many more..none of them give it..nor have they given them this year..

Seniors please confirm, last year also IMI has given buffer calls in final list, or it is just this year.
It will help me in assessing my true chances, as last year one of my senior got admission with waitlist no.180.

I am waitlisted at 198. only applied for PGDM.

but its giving the same message to every cat id you enter even to those which didn't even got gd/pi call.

PGDM link not working but looking at the Cut-off, I am IN for PGDM :cheerio:, didn't applied for IB.

Mods please add the poll about how many will not attend GD/PI, this will surely cut anxiety levels of many :

Welcome to PaGalGuy Suraj.
You had an experience there ... all the best for results, hope we both make it.

Which no. you have called buddy, i have also requested for the change in GD/PI slot.

Query solved- just called Admission Office- 47194176, madam confirmed that my GD/PI slot timing will be changed from 9AM to 2 PM, i have NIRMA GD/PI same day...at 9AM
feeling relieved..

ravidhingra89 Says
called IMI...interview rescheduled on 17th 14.00....but they said you are given phone confirmation...no confirmation via mail......seniors please suggest.....is this info completely authentic.....or how can we confirm ???

Hello Seniors,

Please if you can confirm the waitlist No. of following.

I am trying this No. 011-2530 7700, but Nobody is picking up..

Name : Tabish Chishti
Cat reg. No. SR6824298