• Piyush Malviya
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CAT - 91.24
10th - 86.4 (CBSE)
12th - 90.4(CBSE)
Grad - BE(CSE) - 69 - Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, Ranchi

Work Exp - 17 months (till dec 2011) Infy


to get a call from A, I think u need to score 97+, B m not sure as ur gradution %gae is less, still a score of 97.5+ should fetch u a B call I think... C u should get at 96+
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Posting Experience very late, but it should help the candidates next year.


X %,Board, year : 75.2,CBSE,2003
XII%, Board, year : 84.8,CBSE,2005
Undergrad Stream(BA, BE etc), Specialization(CS, mech etc), Percentage, Year, Institute. : Btech,(metallurgy), NIT Trichy, 8.89/10, 2010

Sectors, Company - Number of months: Petroleum, IOCL, 20 months

CAT 2011:

Quant: 99.66
Verbal : 92.40
Aggregate: 98.34
(category if applicable):

Extra curriculars : national level medals in volleyball, many club activities in college

Interview & Essay

Venue: IIFT, New Delhi
Date : 09th march,2012

Essay :
Topic: Everything should be as simple as possible but not simpler
Time given : 10 mins
Rate your preparation(0-5): 4
Rate your performance(0-5): 2, only good thing was that I was able to complete my essay

I was the last one in my panel..and my panel was the slowest one
Panel member: two middle aged profs, P1 was bengali babu and P2 was from Delhi only I guess..:sneaky:
Interviews started at around 9 o clock and my turn came at 12.30

P1:Looking at my transcript, Piyush u have got 'S' grade in Mathematics in 1st yr so u must be good at it?
P2: Whats "S" Grade?
Me: its the highest grade we could achieve in any subject sir
P2: ok, tell me ur fav topic in Maths
Me: Calculus n probability sir(these are the worst topics though)
P1 & P2 laughing, P2: oh u really know calculus? ok can u write Taylor series ?
Me: had read it two days back(lucky), so wrote it without any hesitationbingo
P2: what is Mean value theorem?
Me: told, and wrote the expression
P2: tell me graphically(I guess they wanted to check whether I know it properly or I have just mugged it)
Me: wrote
P2: have u come across normal distribution curve in probability?
Me: this was asked to few others in my panel and I revised it while waiting for my turn but I said that I have never had probab. at college level but I can draw the curve.
P2: then ok, no need to draw.
P1: u have written dept rank 4 in ur form, can I see the certi?
Me: are yaar hath me pura folder le rakhe ho, dekh lo na,everything is there:biggrin:(just kidding)
P1: since u have written taylor series can u put the function e^(-1/x) in taylor series and expand it for x=0?
ME: tried it, it was coming as inderminate form, told him this is inderminate at x=0, both the profs gave few hints asked to find through limits, said that we can do it by applying L'hospital rule but I do not remember the rule right now
Both profs looked convinced..
P1: we celebrated woman's day yesterday so name a few woman leaders and what difference can a woman bring in corporate sector?
Me:: named a few, then blabbered something,did not have much idea of how a woman contributes to corporate..
P1: ok u mentioned Indra Nooyi, so compare her working style with that of the chairman of ur company
ME: bla bla.. in the end said cant really find a difference
P2: why MBA?(I did not expect this question from A, even senior told u wont be asked directly)
Me: blah blah
P2: so u want to work in petroleum industry, but such jobs are not available at A?:nono:
Me: sir it is just that I enjoy being in petroleum sector will be happy to get a job in any industry specially manufacturing sector..
P1: what is ISO standard, diff. b/w ISO and ISI,?
Me: said something like ISO certifies the whole process and ISI only the product quality
P1: can ISO ceritified company produce a bogus/bad product?
Me: no, ISO certifies both process and the product..
P1: what is sensex??
Me: did not read about sensex I know this was real foolishness, blabbered something
P2 interferes and said: do u actually follow stock market??
Me: No
P2: then say that dont beat around the bush, its not good
P1: ok one last question .. why should we take u?
ME: blah blah.. then mentioned about my national level volley achievement, later found out that in spite of my folder being full with volley certis he did not notice it, so my sincere advice to all puys whatever good thing u have in your profile try to squeeze it in one of ur answers as u may not be lucky like me and get ignored,,,
P@: we are done,u can take a chocolate
Me: came out happily, begining of the interview was awesome but I erred towards the end still it was ok..

Rate your preparation(0-5): 3
Rate your performance(0-5): 4
Tips: be prepared with whatever good u have written in ur form, conclude the essay, good gpa in college will always help,

Verdict: converted

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converted A and C both..... So A here I come...:))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Bachon ki jaan lenge kya? But we won't give up hope . In Tushar we trust. PaGaLGuY.com - The Everything of MBA in India and Abroad, CAT 2011, GMAT, XAT, MAT - View Profile: TushrKumr

He said 12th and it is going to be 12th All the best Puys!!

exactly.. we dont lose hope so easily.. so it should come today
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can anyone check my result and tell me SR7494779, cat OBC, DOB 17.11.87 m not able to open IIMC site.. plz plz plz

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Hi seniors just wanted to confirm one doubt ... will we get the refund in 1 month exactly .. or it usually takes more time.. plz tell me because i m borrowing money from my frnds .. so I need to tell them by when m going to return them...

roby_chillz Says
WL 5 in Marketing !!!!!

wats ur profile buddy... just wanted to know as I got reject in mrktng..

Though I had the a very bad interview and i dont think it may be of any use for others.. still sharing my exp here.
PROFILE: PGDM + ABM(Dint fill the ABM form though)

X %,Board, year - 75.2
XII%, Board, year - 84.8
Undergrad Stream, Specialization, Percentage, Year, Institute. - B.Tech (Metallurgy), NIT Trichy , 8.89 CGPA

Work-Ex: 1.5 years
Sectors, Company IOCL, Refineries division

CAT 2011:98.34
Quant - 98.6
Verbal - 92.4

Extra acads : National level volleyball achievements, Member of few college clubs

Interview & Essay

Venue: Noida
Date : 5 Mar, 2 PM

Essay : Glory is fleeting, but obscurity is forever.
GD on same topic, was kind of a fish market at times, but 15 mins was enough for everyone to speak, I was a bit aggressive I guess
Interview Panel: two members: P1: middle aged prof(asked most of maths and HR questions) P2: middle aged female prof(asked generall awareness)

P1: tell us about ur job
Me: blah blah..
P1: so it seems to be a technical job, do you do data analysis or something of that sort in ur job?
Me: No
P1: Had u been in ur Boss' place what would u like to change in the system, be very specific
Me: gave some answer .. but It was indeed a pretty bad one.. created negative impression
P1: do u know stats?
Me: never had a course on stats but I have a fair Idea
P1: ok what is meant by stats?where can a common man use stats in real life??
Me: blah blah.. then said mean median etc. can be used to get an idea of the placement packges offered at a b-school(Now why did I say that :nono:, should have given many other good examples like getting an idea of the perforrmance of a particular school in academics etc etc.)
P1: gave a set of values and asked to find the central tendency of it.
Me,: couldn't satisfy him, was asked to leave the question
P1: what do u do in ur free time?
Me: said I have national level achievements in sports
P1 : what do u want to learn at a B-school? or do u just want it for a good pay package?
Me: bla blah
P1 to P2: would u like to ask something
P2: u had a subject in basics of civil engg in ur first, so can u tell us the speciality of the sea-link in MUmbai?
Me: tried something(I am a metallurgical engineer man, not civil
P2: okay which company produces color steel which is used in malls , metro stations and all?
Me: made a guess, but was not sure, actually there is nothing called color steel in metallurgy(later found that JSW provides pre-painted steels to its customers)
P2: but u are not sure?
Me: m coming across this term for the first time( and this answer finished my chances completely)
P2: okay good luck

deep0sea Says
Place that in Co-curricular..

ARE YOU SURE WE CAN PLACE THAT IN CO-CURRICULAR.. I have got outstanding rating in my appraisal.. .. will that also come in co-curricular.. it is not an award, but just a very good performance rating..plz help

can anyone plz share the link for last yr's interview exp. for both A and C