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  • Piyush Gupta
  • 470 karma

Need help..

At 92.25 in SNAP and 2.5 yrs work ex. in IT with good academics, do i have a chance for Sys & Finance?


Hello Deepak,

You have a fair chance of getting a call.And if you get that then gud chance of converting it.So without further speculation just be calm and wait for 25th jan.:cheerio:

Piyush Gupta
Symbiosis Institute of Telecom Management
Batch 2010-12
aditya_amen Says
wnt through the official website but....well just wanted a prospective from you seniors who are there in the campus and experiencing it actually....would be nice if you gave a reply objectively,coz i feel first hand thoughts from seniors is the best guide that one can get....

Hello Aditya,

We can't divulge this year placement details untill the placement process will not over. You will get the answer to all such questions during GDPI process.
As of now trust on placement report ,it is true.

Piyush Gupta
Symbiosis Institute of Telecom Institute
Batch 2010-12


No one can predict exact cutoff.According to me for anything above 80 keep your finger crossed. Cutoff can decrease if college decides to call more number of candidate.

@ Rajesh

Yes, Your score seems to be safe enough for getting the call.

Gud Luck!!

Piyush Gupta
Symbiosis Institute of Telecom Management
Batch 2010-12

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I might score around 90-92 in snap...

Which course shud i opt for ----> systems and finance OR marketing and finance?? (considering my interest same 4 both system n marketing)

What is their respective average placement?

Will I get a call for marketing and finance in sitm with 90-92 in snap???

Hello Shikha,

Since last year cutoff for system & finance was less than marketing & Finance ,So if you wana be on safe side (as per the cutoff of last year) I would suggest you to go for System & Finance.Also go through the curriculum of both the specialisation. It may help you to mould your interest.
Avg placement for both the specialisation is same.

ALL THE BEST !!:cheerio:

Piyush Gupta
Symbiosis Institute of telecom Management
Batch 2010-12
Hello puys!
Does anyone know how many calls does SITM give tentatively?


As far as I could remember, last time it was close to 600.( around 400 for general and 200 for rest categories,,).But this number is subject to change.So can't predict anything for this year.

ALL THE BEST :cheerio:

Piyush Gupta
Symbiosis Institute of Telecom Management
Batch 2010-12
Hi Piyush, I am in my final year of Bcom. My acads are-
SNAP Score-92

I have seen the batch profile of 2010-2012 and only 2 students are from commerce background. So does this mean SITM prefers students from a technical background? If that's the case then would it be wise for me to apply to SITM? Please reply as the last date for registration is very near.
I also have some doubts regarding the application form, hope you can help me! Thanks in advance.

There are more than 15-20 guys in our batch having non-technical background.So dont worry about it and hope for the best. Your score seems to be gud enough to fetch you a call.

Gud luck!!
hi, i have 10th-81%, 12th-75% and BE-69%, i am a (E & T) engg..
i have 9 months of experience in IT. my score will be about 80-85.
what are my chances for getting call from sitm. please tel me.

You have a borderline chance.So I would suggest you to go for it. Because your actual SNAP score can vary a bit and noone can exactly predict about the cutoff for this year .

aerosid123 Says
i am getting 77-80 in i have a chance at many lists do they have.Does SITM gives prefrence to Electronics & Telecommunication graduates.

Go through the above two posts.You will get the answer to both of your questions.

All the Best!!

Piyush Gupta
Symbiosis Institute of Telecom Management
Batch 2010-12
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anscha Says
hi how is placement scenario in sitm ...can u put a light on this


Plz go through this link to get all the details about placement of last year.
Placement : SITM

Piyush Gupta
Symbiosis Institute of Telecom Management
Batch 2010-12
anshuljoon Says
And if we want to opt for both the specialization, then we have to apply separately?

Hello Anshul,

No, You can't apply for both the specialisation. You have to choose one out of two .So take your decision wisely.

Gud Luck !!

Piyush Gupta
Symbiosis Institute of Telecom Management
Batch 2010-12
Hi Piyush ,

Is it always that the cutoff of S&F; is lesser than that of M&F; ??

No,Its all depends upon the number of student apply for each specialization.Suppose more students with high marks apply to system&finance; then cutoff for S&F; can go high.

Hi seniors.. i belong to sc category.
10th: 84.4%( state board)
12th: 71% (state board)
B.E.(E&TC;): agg: 55% and in final year: 63% from Pune university
I am expecting a score of 78-80.
1.What are my chances of getting a call?
2. Also, I havent recieved d prospectus from SIU. I have mailed them, The replied saying that they will send it again. But even after waiting for almost 15 days after their reply, i havent recieved it. Does that affect my chances of getting a call.. I am worried.
I am confused about which course should i apply for. please guide me. thank you very much in advance.


Yes,You have a good chance of getting a call.

For the prospectus mail them once again they will send it to you.Though don't worry that much for the prospectus.It doesn't any correlation with the selection procedure.

Hey Piyush/ Seniors,

Merry Christmas!!

Need your help, i screwed my snap

I am scoring around 88.
BE - 72%
XIIth - 70%
Xth - 78%

30 months exp in top IT company.

Do i have any chances of getting call from SITM? I would only apply after your replies.

thanks in advance...Deb


Thanks and Same to you .

Yes,You have a fair chance of getting a call.Just apply and hope for the best.

Piyush Gupta
Symbiosis Institute of Telecom Management
Batch 2010-12
Dear Puys,

Snap score of 95.would like to apply to SITM for Marketing and finance. please let me know about my chances.or shud i play it safe and apply for F & S?
Please help.


Hi aatish,

No one can give you exact answer to this question.You have to make decision on your own.According to my understanding you would like to hear this "Yes, there may be a possibility that cutoff may fall above 95":grin::grin:

i have a score around 70 acc. to various keys,
m a electronics and communication engineer with a work exp. of about 28 months in telecom sector,
is there any chance for me of getting a call from SITM.
PL Reply


Chances are tough.But if its your last try (for MBA).I would suggest you to take risk.Last year S&F; cutoff was lesser than M&F; you can try for that.