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Hi ppl,

by goin thru d previous posts i narrowed down d preparation books to 3 publications:

1. Sura publications
2. Upkar publications
3. BSC publications

plz lemme kno which is the best of these,also is der any book bttr dan the ones mentioned above?

fyi: i will b appearing for RBI phase 1 exam on 18th Dec 2011.

thanks in advance

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tiger6927 Says
after reg. for XAT,do we hv to separatly aplly for for XLRI???

the foll is written in XAT application procedure:

"Candidates interested in applying to XLRI, Jamshedpur have to register for XLRI after finishing XAT registration. The XAT ID and password obtained during XAT registration are required for XLRI registration apart from other transactions at www.xlri.edu"

Hope it helps...
Goa Institute of Management-09-11

Hi frenz,

posting after quite some time...
today mid terms got over...hufff!!!what a relief...no tension,no late nights..for a couple of days:D. cant believe half of the term is over, feeling that v hav joined GIM some 10 days back.

some happenings at GIM:
On 15th August GIM has organised Walk for India campaign against child abuse. so preparations for it are goin in full steam.
On 29,30th Aug Samriddhi is scheduled. the theme for this yr is "Social Entrepreneurship". many prominent speakers from diverse fields of industry and academicians are slated to address Samriddhi. so preparations are goin for it as well on campus.
On 5th,6th Sep alumni meet is scheduled.
so life at GIM is quite is quite a mixture of fun and study at the moment
and ohhh i forgot to mention Ganesh chaturthi on 23rd Aug. yess!!we have Ganesh fest of 1.5 days here.

i really feel lucky to get an opportunity of doin all these things together. this is nothin but the role of manager managing work and fun together.

Our life is also made equivalently good by the faculty out here.
just let me post a few snippets of resume of our economics faculty
Arindam Dasgupta:

Signing off for now.
PGP1-Goa Institute of Management,2009-11


i reached collg @ 5:00pm and to tell u all honestly my tiredness,frustation due to a long journey all disappeared
in a moment.the collg is located on the banks of river mandovi and the place is so beautiful dat i hav no words to
describe.the collg has 5 hostels OT,HT,Morgue,Admin,LH wid HT givin the best panoramic view of the college and the
mandovi river.i met the warden and took a room @ HT(hill top).i was tired hence went to sleep early night.nxt day
was the registration day.for the first time i went into admin bloc.while walking to our registration room i had the
feeling of "walking thru the corridors of power".uptill now i had met a few fellow PGP1s who seemed very impressive.
i was feeling rather inferior in front of dem.but as u know knowledge brings humility,that humility was well present in them.
they made me feel totally @ ease.we completed our registration formalities and were told by the administration dat director sir
and the entire faculty was goin to address us in a few mins.then walked the real prestige and value of GIM,the faculty and the Director sir.
the entire faculty introduced demselves and director sir made short and sweet speech covering all the important points reg our stay here.
then we were taken round the campus and shown laundary(comes first on my list),gym,canteen,jaggus,administrative bloc and hostels.
with this our day ended at 5:00pm.after that we all batchmates went on the ferry(yesss,v hav a ferry service just nxt to the collg)
to the opposite side of the river.seeing GIM from the opposite end a feeling of pride filled my heart.nxt day again was introductory with
speeches made by some faculty,placement cell,doctor etc.at night we celebrated the b'day of one my batchmate and to tell u it was the most
spectacular(b'day boy with cake and eggs smashed all over him) b'day ever seen by me.with the third day started our foundation course.
on the first day in the first session itself v got our first assignment by Mirchandani sir.deadline was next day.the rest of the day went into anticipation
of another one but thankfully it didn't come.so on the first evening of foundation v were sitting with our grps reading and understanding the assignment.
the nxt day we got two more assignments and the evening went as before.GIM has purchased costly softwares from diff companies which gives us all the info
(EPS,EP ratio,balance sheet,annual report etc etc) reg any listed company in india for the last 5 yrs.GIM has also purchased some other s/w but knowedge abt
them i cannot share:(.we had not anticipated so much pressure from the first day itself but it is whtlife in GIM is all made abt.
in last 9 days we hav got more dan 10 assignments(infact i m writing dis as i got bored wid one).v hav got one of the best
faculties here with ADG sir havin served in the planning commission on India,Vernekar sir havin served the Goa govt reorganizing education system in Goa,
Ranjini maam,Sujoy sir and Balasubramanian sir IIM passouts,Parulekar sir gold medalist in pharma,Mirchandani sir havin vast experience of industry(served as CEO)
and teaching,Nagarajan sir havin served in RBI and teaching now.one can only dream of havin such a faculty at one place.all the profs are following case study
pattern of teaching in which v have to study one day ahead of the class.sats and sundays are also full wid assignments so life is pretty bzy here infact dis
thing alone is one of the hallmarks of gr8 schools.ohho,dont misunderstand dat GIM is all abt studies, we had our GBMs(general body meets),PDP
(personality dev prog)and trips to beaches and movie.now i m ending here as my roomie is pressing for d assignment.so dats it for now,will come back shortly.

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m not from media and it is not necessary dat only media companies come for campus.My friend got placed in IDBI.

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well neha,ISBM is a school which no one will usually recommend others to take admission into but m not sure reg Indira as well.ISBM is costly plus there is no guarantee dat u will get placed after 2 yrs thru campus placements.my take will b to leave both the schools and try for better ones nxt yr rest is ur decision........

PS:m not a student of ISBM but i know dis as i had one of my friends der.he was on the verge of nervous breakdown due to non placements but luckily he got one last week.

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hey congrats guys for making it to GIM.uptill now 4 have cleared and i think there will be more so anki_sxc,kkann,sohi u will be joining the party soon.

finally received a call from Jenny maa'm today reg confirmation of my admission.pheww,it was a long wait @ waiting no-1 which finally ended wid dis call.hostel is available from 13th and classes 15th 9:00 am onwards.she also told me dat many oders are enquiring about refund but not withdrawing the admission completely, so all my waitlisted friends do not loose hope and wait for XIMB seat increase.

now what is this...
i hope he meant that abt our list.. coz i dnt think thr is any other waitlist at present..

will call up tomorw and confirm..
btw did he say how many have withdrawn..
did u call up on jenny mam's direct no??
i had tried but no response..

no response for me too on her number.i called dat ***303 no and there i got to hear this.based on his reply one more waitlist is der.hope u clear the confusion 2morrow.
sohi Says
it would be better if you people can mention if you are withdrawing money from gim or are waitlisted in other colleges.please do reply it would be of great help for those who are still waitlisted at gim.

today i heard a new version abt waitlisted candidates from GIM office.they r saying dat some ppl have withdrawn admission but they will give admission first to the waitlisted ppl of 2nd list and then come to us(3rd list).i asked dat if 2nd list was not cleared den how can they give admission to 10 ppl from 3rd list,to this he started saying something round and round which i cud not comprehend.can anyone of us guys call up the GIM office and get this cleared?donno kal kya pata chalega?