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Hi (To the intended recipient),

I have given my GEPI in simc blore on 24tgh feb 2012, i could see that the display of first merit list is on 18th mar 2012.
I tried to find out the list but could not.
could somebody help me where i could see the merit list?

And when could i expect the merit list-2?

Thanks for the quickest response
An simc blore aspirant.

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Hi Guys,

cud sb temme the probable topicz for gd pi in simc bangalore?

it is scheduled on 24th feb 2012, hencean earlier response wud help prepare better.

And seniors/graduates of simc blore,

Please help with gepi topics.:|:wow:

Thank yo

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My snap score i s50. And had no hopes of any gdpi call.

To my surprise, simc blore has given a call for gdpi on 24th feb 2012.

Could somebody let me know how i cud prep for this?
General newspaper stuffs would help?

Thanks for the quickest response

Congratulations to all those who have made the SIMC Pune shortlist :cheerio:

Please shift the discussions about the GE/PI process, preparations and coordination to this thread.


We are writing to you with regards to your Admission at SIMC(PG) Pune. You are on our waitlist -2. The admissions panel will review candidates on the waitlist -2 on an ongoing basis as spaces become available.

Helo, I ve got the below text against my snap ID.

When can i expect the result of waiting lists?please can sb tell?
Waitlist-2 candidates may be invited to meet the Admissions panel around the first week of March 2012. This step will consist of group exercise and personal interaction.


could somebody tell me if the simc pune, blore have given out their shortlisted-candidates-list for 2012 admissions? the date mentioned was 24th jan 2012. but i could not see any list still (for last year i could find the list in pdf format)

Would be a pleasure to receive the quickest respons!!!


My score is 96.64 percentilebelow and composite is 723. Do i have a chance to get thr christ 1st stage of application process?
Please would expect a quick reply:(

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I have a general query
Where can i see the list of shortlisted candidates for round 1 of sibm for 2012 admissions based on dec18th 2011 snap?
And is ther any concept of 2nd round?if yes, when will the shortlisted candidates list be released for it?

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Where can i get the list of shortlisted candidates in 1st round for sibm?
And is there any concept like SECOND Round? If yes, when will that happen and where could it be checked?

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