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Men are haunted by the vastness of eternity and so we ask ourselves: will our actions echo across the centuries? Will strangers hear our names long after we are gone; and wonder who we were, how bravely we fought, how fiercely we loved?

- Odysseus

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Hey PG... i thought u dropped the idea completely.. but atlast you came up again.. the tees are damn cool ... we could have some slogans on it though.. I remember the thread that had excelent messages for Tees. What about that???

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Hi guys.. writing after a looooong time on the forum... Reason?? Dont know myself. So here it goes.. my first days at VGSOM

Came to Kgp on 17th.. the registration was from 20th ( no not becos of any prizes for early birds.. couldnt get my reservation for 19th ). The first 3 days before registration were fun. Lots of bakar*****, NightOuts, daaruparty... Had registration on 20th.. everything went on smoothly.. not many hassels. Now the question Life@Kgp. Kgp is a small town and the only life it has is inside IIT Campus. Its quiet, green, pollution free ( as Motorised Vehicles are banned ) . The weather here is awsome.. one minute the Sun will be ready to melt you down and the other moment u will have heavy rains.. without any indications. We have a new hostel built.. single occupancy.. very spacious rooms... I have not yet unpacked.. living out of suitcase.. lazzzy me . About the classes.. we have started.. a couple of ppts and stuff.. profs are good enough.. the entire faculty is Phd.

One last thing.. the campus and hostels at night rocks....

One more thing... Gurls and Guys stay in the same hostel

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Got to read this book.. I really loved it... The 5.1 Someone

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1. GolMaal

2. HeraPheri

3. Chupke-Chupke


so thats what u meant on another thread when u said -

" I believe as of yet, no instt offers their tests in a softcopy format..though that might change in a couple of weeks "
Grt Going MAN
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Some Golden Moments of KBC - The link contains audio/video filles.

Nice thread for downloading some GK material

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two ads which are worth a mention are

2] is KBC 2 ad..rap song by big b was part i liked is the last line

"aaj bhi pakde hain ye ummeed ki dori....dont loose hope is the moral of the story

i think this is the msg for us.....


Hot Seat par milega bhaiyya .. Ummeed se DUGNA

.. really very well put ad for KBC.. ABs second inning in KBC.. will he give viewers also Ummed se dugna??
Well... the debate started on whether IITs should alllow Non-Engineers to sit for JMET and prove their mettle and it degenerated into IIT and IITians Bashing by calling IITs national waste and IITians as traitors, by self proclaimed gurus of educational restructuring in India... it didnt end even here and was further degenerated into Gandhi family crap and what not
All I can say is each institution has/makes its own set of requirements as to what kind of students it wants. IITs foucs on teaching management to engineers.. So whats wrong in that? If some day they think that other grads are equally competent to join their program they may start inducting them.. nothing wrong in that too. Till then chillax.
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