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ok guys great thread great shayaris....i will add one too...of course its a bad one and no its not original
it goes like this
Tu ne mere tan se khela......tu ne mere man se khela
tu ne mere tan se khela.....tu ne mere man se khela
tu ne mere dhan se khela.....
well played.....well played......well played

Guys i think this is a great thread especially for people like me who havent done very well in this year`s b-school entrances...but who still dream of doing mba from a top institute and for the time being have joined/planning to join a bpo.
I recently joined ICICI OneSource in Bangalore as i didnt do much well this year in the entrances.And now i plan to appear for CAT 2006 and other b-school exams as well.
well its definately very difficult to study as well as work especially with chnaging night shifts but i guess,WHEN THE GOING GETS TOUGH THE TOUGH GETS GOING.
And all those people who think it is lousy to work in a BPO,all i want to say is,at the end of the day its work and work is worship.i work for a BPO and i havent found my work lousy.In fact i find it challenging...its a job where you need to have excellent soft skills.It sounds easy but practically when you have to satisfy an irate customer at needs more than just needs toughness,attitude and communication skill at the highest level.
Anyways guys i think i have givena lot ofgyaan already.....but all i want to say is i love my job,and i find the challenege of studying for CAT along with the job very exciting.
Am sure next year i will make it to a top b-school......and wish all the guys,who share my dream,best of luck....

wow!!incredible thread guys and interesting replies...
My top 3 worst adds would be somewhat like this:-
  1. the HDFC bank (na sar jhookega) ad
  2. the Fair n Handsome ad
  3. The digestive marie ad
Keeep posting guys...

never mess up an apology with an excuse

hey guys
I have done pretty badly in XAT...:(

overall 74.360
verbal 78.08
quant 35.73(f***ed)
di 86.55

Tell me honestly should i apply for LIBA or XIME...i have decent academics
do i have any hope?anyone plz plz plz help me out

CAT     LBS calls

hi i got a call from lbs at 93.39....but no call from TAPMI:-( ....didnt do well in SNAP 77.25 dint even get call from SIMC...had thought of keeping LBS as back it seems that it is my only hope....

oops i thought that airport is not functional.:oops: .....not much sure about it though now....anyways guwahati is close enough for people who want to fly

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The only reason Mumbai will never have the IIM is cause it has the IIT...
IIT and IIM will never be in the same city...

-By Order
Gandhi-Nehru parivar and the OldImpotent&Communist; Society of India.

According to standard economic theory both being in the same city might lead to great progress because of the convergence of the business brains with technological supernerds but this is damaging to a society that adores mediocrity

And Shillong!!! Only the dud profs will go there... Unless its like a great hill station... Does it have an airport etc??


hey man i absolutely agree with you on that standard economic theory & Nehru parivar etc stuff....but hey hey shillong is a great city...its a lovely hill station with absolutely fantastic weather.

But well it has its share of bad points also like a never ending communal problem which has taken away a lot of the charm of the lovely place.

and yeah it has no airport...the closest aiport is at guwahati which is 100kms from shillong.earlier there was a airport about 25-30kms from shillong but thats not fuctional i now i guess...

well i think its a good idea to open a iim at shillong.will help NE a lot...the IIT at guwahati has really helped NE a lot....hopefully the IIM will too...

and yes am from shillong itself.....
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wow great thread.....:wow:
gr8 question actually..hmmm...lets c what i lost to CAT...

1 two months of mental peace before the exam

2 one and half month of mental peace after it:shock:

3 hanging out with friends:drinking:

4 enjoying with girl friend

well the list isn`t going to end.....

jokes apart guys i think its not the end of the road for me or was one of the many chances life is going to no need to be demoralized.
as for me,honestly speaking i dont think i lost anything....i made sacrifices but couldn`t get the result i wanted thats all...and i stongly believe that "kismat se badhkar aur time se pehle kisi ko kuch nahi milta" am staying positive and looking foroward to other things life has got to offer....hope u guys also do the same....cheers :infinity:

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guys i got alliance form. my gd/pi date is on 5th march. my mat %ile is 98.5. now the couple of prob.
1. should i apply since i have to submit the form before 15 th feb with rs1000 dd.
2.if i should apply. then which course. they have no of course. first is offcourse mba affliated to banglore univ. but what about pgdbm and mba through foreign univ. ihave to rate them in preference order.
3.what about christ college. if i have to apply any one of them. then which one is better.
guys help.

i have also got call from alliance but my gd is on 25th feb.i have applied for mba(bangalore university)..i have left the other two options blank as i dont know how good these foreign univ degrees actually are.And regarding christ college,i know that its a good college with good placements.It was very good around 2003-04,but now i think alliance has an edge when quality of placements is applying to prcntl is 96.27
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hi guys
i appeared for dec mat and have got a 96.27 prcntl .i have applied to alliance,christ college(bangalore univ) IBAT and IIF. i had applied for AMITY-Noida also but i have heard that its having some probs with its affiliation.I have already got gd/pi call from alliance which is on 25th feb.Alliance is a good institute with decent placements.Not too sure of the other institutes.Christ college i heard has decent placements...i had appeared for CAT also and got 93.39%ile.have applied to TAPMI,KJ SOM,LBSIM...expecting calls from there.Thinking of applying to MICA also as i have 96.71%ile in VA.
Anyone having good idea about other MAT colleges plz do post on the thread.


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