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Also what other things are to be brought other than
1. Formal pair of trousers and shirt and blazer
2. Mattresses pillows (also available from store)
3. Laptop

Hi all,

Regarding the documents required at time of admission, you need to carry all the basic qualification certificates. These include you 10th, 12th, graduation marksheets and certificates. Also, if you have work-ex carry the relieving certificate or just the first and last salary slip along with the offer letter would do. I guess all this would be enough. Any other certificates you wanna add to these, you can do it later on when your resumes go for verification for placements sometime later in the year.


Tushar Pulyani
PGPM 2008-10

P.S. If I have missed out anything, ask me and I will let you know about it.

what about final year studs??
Final mark sheet will be issued in july august or so
so what do we do about that ?

yes wanted to ask seniors
what are the documents needed at the time of admission ??

wont be joining.....
had a chat with a senior(a friend of mine)....the 'lack' or downfall of placements this year is not just due to recession...but due to some other reasons as well which i wont like to divulge on a public forum...+ ROI for this college is not that great i come...

If u dont want to divulge your "reasons" . why did u even have to post such a message?
There are people who will join MDI and please dont confuse them if u do not have any justification to support ur claim

Hey seniors i need to boast about the college that i am going to ma frnds
just needed to know what else are the facilities there ???
like is there a gymnasium ?? swimming pool?
i know there is a 8 hole golf course (no use though )

seniors one small doubt
If we go for the laptop bulk deal from a company will everyone be having the same configuration also ??
i mean if i want a a gaming laptop with high specs and someone else wants a no frills laptop is it possible to order in such a way ??

At seniors
should we post our queries in this thread or th Life @ MDI
am confused

mohit902020 Says
Dude did they also tell anything relating to the amount of first installment and the last date for payment?

for those on the first list the last day of payment is may 8th
0124 - 4560177 (Admissions Office)

Anyone calling this number , please also inquire about the joining date ..

just called up
joining date is June 22nd

hey seniors can anyone tell us if there are any bulk laptop deals in MDI
or should we buy on our own ??

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