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yaar koi .. ERP certification ke baare mein bata do plz

ORACLE , SAP etc..
if someone has the info about it plz reply..

ruchi4u Says
amit thanks for ur help but i need more i m getting very confused how to go about to take admission in which institute plz read my earlier post and plz help as soon as possible plz help.

first thing..
stay cool yar..

and check ur MAT broucher for the institutes and call them up to find out the dates of GD and PI.
some of the istitutes which are ok
GSBA gr noida
ISHAAN, gr noida
IMS ghz

these institutes are OK>>
as good institutes are full

so all the best
ruchi4u Says
hi guys can u plz help me with this i have got call letters from asia pacific institue delhi and institute of mangement and development delhi. i have 95.59% in my mat result can u plz help me out for whic institute i shud go plz tell me names of some good institutes. plz help urgently.

hey ruchi.. u live in delhi
the best way is to visit the institute first..
well as far as institute of management and developement is concern..
i will say this is operating in a school building and ya they offer dual specialisation with dual qualification.. u see they dont have approved course so distance learning degree with their autonomus course..

but asia pacific is an approved institute..
so good luck..
Thanks buddy. I'll consider tha factuals. No wonder still Amity is broadcasting its ads on all good news channels (NDTV, CNN IBN), is it a misleader?!

dood there is a big difference between advertisement and publicity..
so find out the difference..
Can you enlist the other good instis' through MAT (May2006), the last date of which is still within reach?

what aashish the best option..
so dood go ahead..
How considerable is it to join Amity's MBA programme? I mean shelling ~5Lakhs for it, is it worth really? Please reply emphasising on the placement scenario of Amity (Noida).

well there is another thing.
if u want to do MBA this year
and dint get in an institute of ur choice(ie. of good placement)
so better join an institute which has good faculty and course curriculum along with the approval..which will help to get a good placements
ameen_0096 Says
i dont know wat philiop wanted to say but a advice dude dont even think abt amity

i meant to say that..
amity is equivalant to wastage tof time and money..

as there are many factors like
-- large no of students (~800)
how they ll be able to place them yar..
-- high fee but if one will be able to get placement then it is equal to any other second rung b-school .. ie.. 15k

-- fake university( only PGDM of amity was approved which got disapproved from AICTE last year)

so ..
take care
How considerable is it to join Amity's MBA programme? I mean shelling ~5Lakhs for it, is it worth really? Please reply emphasising on the placement scenario of Amity (Noida).

doood.. hows life.. good na..
so why amity yar

i ll tell u the simple process..
to evaluate just ask urself and take all the factors in consideration..
u ll find it easy to take any decision..
its too hard to earn money and too easy to spend it..
rest u know everything..
so take good care while selecting an institute..
happy mba

hi all..
i wonder
well a person who is new to PG and dont know the rules..
and he realy need help..
instead of helping him and giving him the right direction
we are writting the same old stuff..(lock this thread or so..)

well if some old PG do that then its our duty to do that..
dut we shpould guide this new PG..
this would be a good experience for him
that he will share with other non-PG

so plz all PG its a request that if a GENUINE help seeker.. (not considering SPAMMERS)do some mistake
so we should educate him.. about this site.. instead of making comments..
plz its a request
if someone feel offensive


i am gonna take the specialisation of marketing and IT
any certifications for these.... courses..