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hi seniors,

what kind of profiles are offered by IT cos such as infy, IBM etc? are these technical in nature or pure managerial as in fin, mkting etc.

also is there a thread where gd pi experiences at iit d have been shared? could you please post the link.. thanks!

with best wishes.

hey rajat,

just to add to wat rohit said. the profiles are diverse in nature in IT companies ranging from sales to hardcore consultancy to marketing to finance..... So it totally depends on your skill sets, competency and how you manage your interview and negotiate there. There is no dearth of opportunites in any field.

Hope it helps.

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hey eddy you still into PG n answering queries.. sahi hai boss!!!

all the best for rest of the junta prep for JMET this year..

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Davinci Dude,

I very well know the nature of the problem and that it does occur often.

I also know that I cannot do anything about the problem. Thats exactly why I have asked them to PM the person who knows about the problem. IIT R ppl are not very active on PG. Even if they are not getting notifications for the posts here, PMing them will ensure a mail.

If this makes you feel that I am trying to make a good impression of SJMSOM, then GOD help you! Its rather strange to see you coming up with such ridiculous inferences.

I am surprised you see a JMET queries thread as a forum to compare the IITs. This is a thread where all of us are trying to coordinate to help the aspirants. IIT R has done a great job so far in organizing JMET, and the rest are doing a good job in helping out the aspirants. Lets rise over these petty issues and expend our energies, where it will be more fruitful.


Truce man.. !! for other's its not a fight, thats the way to make friendship
anyway, continue the good work ..
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hi all
I 've personally met CHAIRMAN, GATE IIT Roorkee and intimated him about the teething problems
he has assured me of prompt actions
but IITs are Governtment bodies, and they take thier own sweet time ..
so i hope the links will be up in day or two.
any inconveniece is regretted

hey ajit,

you need not be sorry. wat u r doin is more than required and they shud b indebted for the same.

Batch 2007
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hi ,

yaaron someone know how to use banned sites (orkut , yahoo mail, yahoo groups etc )in the office.

i hav tried

but this is also banned here

any technically technical guy or gal out here


try or
time to revive this thread.

share your experience of past one year in MBA at IITs

paaji.. aap ekdum velle ho chuke ho ab..!! hai na??
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looks like u r goin to single handedly increase the pub revenue in bangalore. yaar hame batao if there is any IPO coming up from "NASA".. i'm sure u know it intimately by now!! . I'm sure wit u around unki to chandi hai!!
otherwise howz summers goin? hope not tooo much work. pls dont raise their expectations and create problems for us!!

dost chinta hi na karo.. neither there is lot of work nor im workin hard.. one thing im working hard is wat u said.. getting out IPO of either nasa or purple haze or firang pani.. kisi na kisi ka to niklvana padega.. ;)
so, wat u guys upto these days??? yaar, naukri shokri choro n get u real biz...!! hope u got it.. vaise crack to laga hi rehta hai ;).. dunno bout other guys..
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wats r nut crackers destined for?? reg cycles, u wil get lot of oppotunity to buy from ppl wont b a prob n neither is it very imp to have one..!

wel, im on my summer's these days.. time pass accha ho raha hai in b'lore..!! if anybody out there, thenu catch me at a near by pub anytime..!

bye for now..keep posting..

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thanks naval.and big thanks for the support u have given us and the info u provided.

can u pls tell me the name of yahoo group of dmsites.looking forward to join there.
about me: jmet rank-199
work ex.-zero

Anytime manu... the grp is!
join it..
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I didnt check for one day and this thread comes alive.

So as I can see, The list has got cleared till 30.
But the next 20 have been given DLT instead of DLM right??

While applying to DMS, I left the DLT option blank, since I was not keen on applying. Then how can I be offered admission there?

Please clarify this seniors!!

hi there!!!

Hope you get what you want...!!!

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