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Hi Bipul,
Thanks for all the information you have given.
Please mail me the material you have on ur mail to



Hi Phani,
U must have:
1. OG 11tH Edition - with 2 tests from
2. Kaplan 800
3. Kaplan Verbal Review
4. Manhattan SC

Hi Chivas
Its good to hear from you and thanks for your wishes ..
I would like to know can i get any of these books online ( I mean in Pdfs or html formats) or do we need to buy if at all we need to buy can u give me the place where i can get these books. I also request you to give me some approx cost for the same.
I tried hard searching on forums for most of books u listed but many are like hold by some one and they r ready to share by mailling ..i too submitted my email at some place but none replied till now...
I am also looking forward to meet you personally so that we can share some plans/strategies ... Please let me know about your convenient timing and place...

Hi Phani,

Good to know your aspirations, and I wish you all the very best for the same.

Hi ChivaS,
How is your preparation going on.
I am also an Engineering back ground with computers as my Specialization. I m working as a Software Engineer from last two years. Now i am planning to go for about 8-9 months preparation and take GMAT and get into one of the TOP Collages by end of 2008 or 2009 beginning so as i will gain about 3-3.5 years of experience in this software industry by then.

Do let me know in your reply what all the materials you hold related to GMAT preparation and also please suggest me books and the place where i can get them.
I am looking forward to meet you once if u r also looking to.:grab:



Good to know that you could start your preparation.

I am with Engg' background and am relatively strong in Math.
I used to have problem with my reading speeds, but these days as
I am doing more reading I could improve my reading speed a bit; still
need to improve on the comprehension part.

I plan to prepare for GMAT by myself.

By next week end, I plan to take a mock GMAT test and see where I stand.

what is your background, about academic/work.

I too download couple of book from different forums online and started my preparation starting with Verbal section as i feel that is my week area .. its not that i am strong in Maths but still verbal is some how a bit uneasy part for me ....
I would also like to know are you looking for any coaching or are you planing on your own ...
Why cannot we meet together to have some talks ..


Hi Phani4mba,
During this weekend, I pulled together all the study material I collected over a period of time. I started feeling more comfortable just because I am now spirited much better after following all the information in this forum.

The next task is to have a study plan that suits me well.

I will need to start with a rough plan and later keep tailoring it
as I get nearer to the GMAT day.

Let me know, what phase you are in. Hopefully we can have some overlap in preparation based on our individual plans.

Hi Ravysh and Chivas,
I am also planning to take GMAT this year ... hope we can get together and i believe Ravysh already having experience before can be very helpful .... Please do contact me personally

phani4mba at gmail dot com ....

Looking forward for your mails


Hey Ravysh,

I plan to take the GMAT CAT around the same time as you mentioned, July-Aug 2007.

It will be interesting to have a group so that we can share our learning
experiences and work on individual weaknesses by mutual discussions.

Let me know, if you are still open for the offer.
Hi All,
I am Ritesh Somani, working with TCS. Currently preparing for GMAT. Also took exam for Executive MBA at IMI, New Delhi.
Can someone tell me more about the EMBA at IMI - how much value add is the course, the reputation of the institute w.r.t the said course, placements etc.
It would be great if I can find somone here who has already done the said course above.

Hi ....
Welcome ... i heard u took an Executive MBA exam at IMI Delhi.. could u please post more information on same .... it will be great help for people like me looking for an Executive Program, I move all over their official website but could not get any info on Executive MBA program .... i am refereing to following International Management Institute - Powered By IYCWorld


HI Guys and Guls
me too planning to GMAT in next 6 months i.e arround oct -Dec,
will 6 months of planning and practicing will do ?
Please do suggest me a good Coaching center in Hyderabad, i heard IMS is one of the good one ... is it true ? any other preferred ones??

Please do let me know in Hyderabad where we can get the OG 11 Edition..



Phani from Hyderabad with 2 years of experience in IT field as a successful software Engineer with B.Tech specialization in Computers as my educational background. Now i am looking to get my self into an MBA course, jump into management side for a couple of years and then start something of my own.:grab:
When it comes to my hobbies i love to listen to all kind of music mostly silent ones, i am myself a big fan of A R Rehman and Illayaraja, i do play Games like Cricket, TT, Chess and Caroms.

Most of my day go in front of my laptop and Internet, I came across about as one of the best resource for people aspiring for MBA.

I am know for my hard work and confidence from my school and many people suggest me to get into MBA so as to move up reach the Sky.

Closing about myself with a request and hope that every one in from PG will help me to reach my goal i also promise i will contribute as much as i can to the group and my fellow aspirants.

Bye for now