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@RabbaCatKaraade Dude to be blunt score a 100 percentiler in CAT and then again no one wold be able to sureshot say whether you will get calls from the IIMS BLACKI..

Just study now and get a good percentile..An FMS or XLRI are all tier 1 colleges.

Fight On!

@ahivarn I am not doubting you..
My brother did his MS from USC,California.(He also got through COLUMBIA,Upenn)..
Currently he is earning an amount which gives an in hand savings of 2.5 to 3 lakhs...Only a topper or say a phodu in engineering lingo gets that kind of job even from IIM A.

So we can agree to disagree here I guess....I would still maintain even a Btech from HKUST would give you more in hand savings compared to an MBA from IIMs'.
If you just want to earn money then MS is YOUR best bet.

PS: My brother works for APPLE Inc.
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@akriti-akii I second billuisback..Please don't bother about these colleges, especially now where the market sentiment is not good...You will end up getting even less than 4 lakhs in most of the cases.

Personally I maintain,if you are not passionate about MBA but just want to earn good bucks,then the MNC software companies are your best bet .PERIOD
Otherwise a MS outside india (Top 50 colleges only)will give you far more dividends than these business schools.
@shab86 If you can defend why do you need an MBA degree then All IIMs' will be more than willing to accept you.
@LISA0490 If you are getting salary for training period then that counts as workex else no.

Aim for IIM C and XLRI (ideally aim for all colleges) but the 88 percent and 70 percent will do you in.
I know of a friend who with a slightly better profile than you sailed through the IIM C PI process,ofcourse he was
from a tier 1 college.


@zeus0390 bhai great profile for IIM C and XLRi jampot..Don't know about others.
Don't leave your company...try to sqeeze in an hour or two to your studies ...
@LISA0490 No matter what you do,don't think of sitting at home and preparing for CAT and leave INFOSYS.

What if you don't make it this year.Then you will have added tension of prepping for cat again and finding a job..futhermore a 1 year blank after graduating will dent ur chances in placements in IIM if ever you get through....

AFAIK infosys is online training right....You still have a lotta hours to study for CAT..

Fight On!

@seraphic100 As amit has pointed out,you might not be able to sit for CAT. XAT is the only other exam for tier 1 college(XLRI JAMPOT) that you can try but if you get through XAT,then you will have to defend fiercely for your Marks in your graduation.If you are from tier 1 instis like IIT,NIT or BITS then they might admit you but if from a tier2 insti then better be prepared for a solid reason for the bad marks in your grad!!

As for other exams please check out SNAP.
@subschand please google yourself.We are not here to spoonfeed you.
No hard feelings man but atleast instead of posting a useless query you could have googled. :)

Anyways since I am already wasting space let me go ahead and address your query(LOL a SW eng speaks)..There is a TAB right above this page named PREP.This contains questions .You can practice from there.The entire syllabus is covered there.

But before you start practicing get yourself the books from CL or TIME etc and start to imbibe the concepts.Start with easy questions first AKA level 1 from these books.once you are able to solve the level 2 ques. go ahead for the mocks on testfunda site.

Please dont waste your time searching for resources to download from the internet.I had tried and that is an utter waste of time.Go to some second hand bookshops and ask them for CL material.
@subschand LOL there is no latest or easy tip to crack CAT..Hardwork and persistence is required.

Start with basic material and be done with it by may or june..then go on and maul the mocks and finally the feline.

Specific queries you may direct and we'll help you!

Start witht he quant prep thread if you dont have the books
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