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hi ppl... any interview feedbacks...?

all the best Why...

congratulations and all the best ppl..

still havent received the case study.. its 11:25 PM...


got a mail with the detailed process....

the best patr is that they r providing acco this time... :)

still awaiting the case study.. plz post if anyone receives the same


hi all..

any updates on round 3 shortlist...?

plz let us know if anyone receives any communication


i dont think we need to carry any other document bcoz, anyways they will be verifying all documents post selection as they did while recruiting for TCS...

i am carrying only passpsort... and probably a copy of the mail and the scanned copy of the appl form... that shud be enough i guess... :satisfie:

hi guyz...

me too for mumbai... all the best for the Delhi batch tomoro.... plz do share your experiences...


u need 2 annual appraisals... which can include one confirmation rating...

this year the registration is closed so u can apply again for TAS 2009 and notification will be posted through group company websites

u can visit, for 2008

or, for 2007


no clue whatsoever... it should have been posted by 2nd may... anyways all the best ankur...!!

  • hey act i have icfai call lettr n 19 april is last date t.... 09 Apr '13.
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hey act i have icfai call lettr n 19 april is last date to pay the fees should i wait for welingkar call cmat 5000 rank