• 64 karma : You'll need to pay the fee term-wise. When you register for each term (3 months apart) you will need to get the draft. The amount will become known to you in the previous term. If you're taking a loan from a campus bank (Punjab National Bank etc), then you need not worry as they will keep your draft ready on the day you need it, without your informing them.

Batch of 2008, IIML

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hi all,

i read something abt lateral placements...

is it the same as summer internship???:

and i also read abt 12 month work-ex for lateral placements....

what abt freshers? do they get lateral placements?

ayush jain

You CANNOT be serious. No, you cannot. I refuse to fall for this
seniors... what abt the shops at the plaza....

do we get all comp related things on campus at reasonable prices?? like speakers... external hard disks... headphones... DVD writers.... etc etc....

and what do u guys do for train ticket reservations??... use IRCTC online... or go to railway station... or do we have a city reservation office nearby ???

there is also a travel agent on campus. He sits in the basement of samadhan block. you may get train/plane tickets thru him.

@vivek You'll need formal clothes definitely, but no need to bring too many of those -- 2-3 good formal shirts, a couple of formal trousers, and optionally a business suit- keep it black though. Suits wont really be required until ur 2nd term (summer placements) although you may like to play it safe and bring one. Formal shirt+trousers for presentations are not required by most profs, though students like to wear them, and its a good idea to, anyway. Some profs may make it compulsory tho.


@subodh, kushal has answered most of ur queries i guess, but still... 1. No cafeteria in hostels, theres only one large common mess on campus which has some very reasonable timings, extending much after midnight(called night mess in that case), and a canteen called fauji (which is like a 24 hr restaurant, and yes, they deliver to your room, I order 2 paranthas and an orange juice at 2 am regularly) Otherwise a couple of external restaurants also deliver to campus Dominos Pizza, and Indian restaurant called southern spice etc etc 2. Very good question- sadly, L seems to like the idea of informal specializations, too much to say on that front on an online forum, PM for more info or wait till u get to campus. 3. Cases, loads of them. Otherwise, some theory, textbook chapters, research papers, powerpoint slides, video clips, online material, practice assignments, material at profs websites etc etc - depends on ur prof, really. 4. Not sure, ask your bank when they send you the brochure (both SBI and PNB will send one to you) The batch as a whole will decide the model, and hence will be a middle-end one, with all basics, but no frills like grafix cards. Not much choice there, hence. Will cost between 50 and 60k, if history is anything to go by

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Network Connectivity Details: CDMA: As Niranjan said, reliance works. Tata works, but not all that well, low signal in most spots. GSM: Airtel is the most popular and offers really cheap local CUG calling within the IIML community, for postpaid connections. Makes sense to get this, as most people in our batch have airtel. Prepaid is also made cheap with some good monthly offers. Get the details from their counter which they'll set up for you when you arrive. Hutch works as well, and some people do have it on campus, but far fewer than airtel. Other networks, either do not exist or I'm not sure as the numbers arent significant. Cheers, Pcity

hi senoirs and fellowmates who will be joining L....

for 2 days i was out of station so could not able to post my questions....

1) i want to avail the needy scholarship given to SC/ST father income is below 1 lakh....what are all the things i need to have to apply for that scholrship....income certificate given by MRO authorities will be ok??. will it be given to selected students(this is what i can infer from IIML website). if so, what is the criteria for that?

2) any other sources of funding like SC/ST scholadship and merit scholarship from some companies?? what is the criteria for those scholarships? i read from the IIML site that 1500 rs will be given to SC/ST students.

3) i am working in CTS. one of the IIML alumni is wokring here. i talked to him. he said bike will not be useful in the campus. there will be a shuttle service running from college to city. is that true??

4) what is the exact fees for this year?? figures in IIML website are older ones?? i think they hiked to 2 lakhs..

5) once we pay the first installment, will they send the bank loan application?? IIML alumni said PNB will give 5000 per month for personal expenses..that is gud news...:)

thankyou in advance...

Cant answer all of your queries, I'll ask someone who knows to visit this thread:

About the loan, and this applies to everyone:

PNB is by far the most popular bank on campus and a striking majority take loans from them. They will send you a brochure with the list of required documents to you with one of your letters, so relax.

The process is extremely cool, just come with your documents to their counter once you are here on campus ... youll get your installment cheque almost immediately. There is nothing special you need to do. If you have any doubts, just call on their contact number which theyll send you. Loan is the last thing you need to worry about, banks are dying to give you one
And yes, PNB gives a personal allowance component as well

As for the bike, you can live without one, plenty of buses leave the campus to certain spots in the city and back. However, it has been known to be of convenience, especially if you want to eat out a lot, are in a committee that needs city visits often etc
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can u throw a little more light on this bidding process.

and what is the max. limit of students who can opt for a particular specialization and approx. what % dont get specialization of their choice

hmmm giving you exact details is a little tough as the system was made online this year and tweaked a little. It may slightly different for you guys...

Basically, the courses are alloted first on the basis of no. of subjects you take in that specialisation area(called concentration) and your personal ranking of that particular subject amongst all others, and then GPA comes into play. So GPA is actually the least important criterion. It has been seen you can so far get any course you want if you want it badly enough, by increasing your concentration. Merits and demrits of this system are discussed often enough, you will get to discuss it once you are here.

Dont worry too much about specialisation, like it has been mentioned, most people get what they want. Some people will get a slightly lesser number of courses than they opted for in an area, but the student council will help you adjust your courses if you fall short of any requirements. Will not go into percentages. Also it is impossible to give exact figures as to seats for a specialisation, as you can choose any set of courses in an area to make a specialisation, although each course itself may have a cap, some have 120 seats, and some 60.

Final words : Specialisation in an MBA is not the be all and end all. Your degree certificate will not even mention it.

P.s. Anyone for a amateur phoyographers view of IIM L in the springtime : The Rainshadow Area - also contains some other pics clicked from my L hostel room.


do prepare that answer, but do bear in mind the why MBA question is asked less and less in IIM PIs as the years go by... perhaps the profs are tired of hearing the same old answers :)

Last year, hardly any ppl were asked that in IIM interviews. But of course, dont take the chance, do prepare, but dont oversend time on it.

iimL class of 08

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@ I will ... hey, good luck :)

I had the amazingly low %ile of 98.67 last year. For a no wrkex/general that was really low by last years standards(not this year , i know,this year lower %iles are getting calls) and even after a good GDPI thought I had no chance. It is one of the lowest fresher/gen percentiles on campus. But i made it in their initial list itself. So u never know. Have faith and work hard till the interview


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