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how is the new campus?

guys ... who all r headed to nepal ??? and what r yr centres.. anyone wtha centre in naxal area??? eed some help with the accomodation
a community for ppl looking forward to be a part of GIM..

Congrats to all who made it.
n best of luck who didnt make it.
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Aki_Gurung Says
@ Seniors....Man do you guys play Counter Strike there...? I'm really excited....Fire in the Hole!!!!:2gunfire::snipersm::robot:

we just dont play Counter Strike... we live it here...
We are known by the IDS we use on Counter Strike...
so Join the Gang once yr here..
so start thinking of the IDS right now....:bomb:
Great to know that GIM offers this kind of flexibility. I really wanted something which could offer me this flexibility. One ques here...could you please guide me more about the interview process? As in what kind of competency do they want among students? I have got 95 in Xat and have good academics and an excellent profile in terms of co-ciiriculars and even work-ex (though am a fresher). Am a bit down now, because, after 5 years of sweat for MBA, i still have not cleared some other good institutes which otherwise have been for the taking for others. I know there would be many others like me. So, all I want is some special tips or advice which could help.I mean, I have really analysed everything, but to me fair, my spate of bad luck is a melodrama in itself. But, please do let me know if there are stress interviews here? and what is exactly they want? Conviction? Confidence?Clarity of Goal, basic skills etc??/What eles?

THanks ..looking forward to some guidance!!!

As the word has it, the interviewers would not be loking in for a specific trait. they would look for someone who has a well rounded personailty. well, thats going global in a way. u ll be tested for your clarity of vision and confidence among other things. everyone has different strengths. so its upto you how well you project your strengths. you ll have to sell yourself but mind ya no bull. that doesnt get you far in any case.
so i would suggest the following guidelines while you are preparing for your interviews:
1) about yourself
2) why MBA?
3 Strengths and Weaknesses
4) Hobbies(could be anything not necessarily the braniac kinda hobbies...)
5) brush up your basics in acse you dont have over an year of work ex.
6) if more than a year of work-ex, identify key learnings from the job.
these are the general questions that were posed.. n after that you can guide the interview..

and chillax guys there is nothing called a stres interview. they might try to stress out for a minute or so but that will be all about it.

So All the Best
Keep the Faith
In Yourself and GOD
wat offer friend??? for attendin the GD PI??
u make it sound more like accepting a job! LOL



All the Best.. to all those who have been shortlisted.
and those who havent, keep trying.
agharat Says
Any ideas on what a group task could contain?? :sleepy:

a group task could mean something like a puzzle where you guys will be formed into groups and given a task.( at SIIB there was a group of 4 and we were given fibre peices and we were asked to form as many squares as possible and there was no communication allowed between the group members and in course of the task u were also meant to ensure that all other people in your also group can form squares out of the peices.) basically intended to look at yr qualities towards being a team player.
in case i get any more information.i ll keep you guys posted.

All The Best

Keep the Faith In YOU
Hi Anupam,

I have send my DD few days back to GIM. Is there any link on the website where i can check the status of my form? Or do i need to to give u my XAT id??


There is no such link on GIM website where u can check that. In any case just leave yr XAT ids and anyone else needing the same info can add their XAT ids to the list so that we have a consolidated list.

All the Best
hey seniors , kindly post ur xat scores so v aspirants can have a rough idea of cut-off's.......... thanx in advance...

hey all,
late reply as usual.
my XAT percentile was 98.30
good sectionals. nailed quant wth 99.34%ile.
had calls from XLRI(both programmes), XIM n GIM.
and here i am in GIM.
so all the best to you all aspirants.
keep your queries coming in.
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seriously.. GIM rocks and the rigorous course keeps you on your toes all the time.
KUDOS : Annirudha, Giju, Bibin and vivek.
keep up the god work

Good news flowing GIM from all places. Team Fire from GIM made it to Mouse Trap organised by IIM A... Kudos Anirudha, Giju, Bibin and Vivek...

For the information of all the aspirants... Many top foreign universities have Capstone in their business curriculam. GIM was the 1st institution in India to have Capstone and has been there ever since.

The academic facililites at GIM are awesome...

GIM rocks:)
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