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i am posting on this thread after hell of a long time. how is everyone doing from both the 1st year and 2nd year batches?



Batch of 2008

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  • Hi Tapan, this is Vasudha and I'm a first year student.. .... 19 Oct '14.
Vasudha Parmar @vasudha.parmar 3

Hi Tapan, this is Vasudha and I'm a first year student.. Everything is going great as of now, Diwali celebrations are coming up.. and preparations have begun

RogerUnderwrite Says
Goa is in the south of India but i hardly see anyone from southern India :). Is it so? Many north Indians.!!!!

I always thought (and geography in school said so) Goa is in the west coast.

It is definitely south of Maharashtra but that does not mean that it is in South


I am currently reading The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell.

I have also bought Cyrus Broacha's Karl, Aaj Aur Kal.

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hi guys,

Posting on this forum after hell of a time!
I keep getting update through Facebook. The latest update was from V.Gopal asking for some insurance help!

So how is the new campus treating you? How is the band culture? hope the junior batches are getting inculcated with the GIM Anthem which we had composed and sung for the first time way back in 2007-08.

What has been the cut-off this year?

how were placements?

Keep me posted. I'll try to pour in more regularly




are the PGP2's staying separately in the Old campus and the new PGP1's staying in the new campus? And they are separated by 40 damn km ??

If this is true, then this is pathetic!!

I am planning to come to Goa sometime in the next week. Would come to the Old campus and hope to catch some of the PGP2's.

Till then keep smiling!


daniket Says
Now a days life @GIM is quite helter-skelter with half of junta staying at old campus and rest at new campus... but we will be all together pretty soon...

So how is the new campus?

How is Life @ GIM coming along?



(For those who don't know me, i passed out from GIM in the year 2008 and i am currently employed with HUL. Ppl ini the placement cell might/can know me through Ninette!


It has been hell of a time I have posted here....and to be honest, I just saw a PG t-shirt worn by someone and the first thing i could think of was to post here...and get a feel of how things are moving at GIM...

So how is GIM? What is the progress on the new campus?

And more importantly, how is Bacca...or Alumni committee shaping up things for the BIG event??

keep posting....


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Dr Ambuj Chaturvedi,
Placement Co-ordinator,
Goa Institute of Management,
Batch of 2K10.


Kindly do not reveal yourself as a PR Ambuj...i don't think it is required here...


GIM is in Goa.

But there is nothing Goa about GIM!!!


GIM is blood and sweat!!

Buckle up Dororthy,

cos Goa is going bye bye!!!!!!!!!

Well, i don't quite understand how this can even become a predicament here !!

Think of it.

You are done with your 3 things u mentioned, viz quiz, assignments and case-studies, the only thing that can come to your rescue is GOA!!!

And that is what is in GIM!! The feeling that you are in Goa is the essence of being in GIM.

And vice versa, which is the feeling of being in Goa brings about the essence of GIM. I hope u guys are getting me.

Don't waste your time writing posts here...and doing nothing....go somewhere, anywhere....and then write about what u did!!

You aren't doing justice to this thread by saying that some shitty work is pulling u back from not having a rocking time out there in those lovely beaches..or those forts...or those night out places!!

Cmon guys....go out and go rocking!!