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even I am planning to do my phd.

To do phd in Managament abroad you need to have GMAT score.

In India the best places to do phd from are IIT's which have business schools and FPM program from IIM and ISB.

Even BITS pilani offers phd program in management.

Best of luck.


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  • hello ,i have dne engg in cs and mba in marketing.i want .... 25 Feb '14.
  • @pbindu can u tell me which course should i apply for if .... 16 Jun '13.
shakshi kapoor @shakshi.kapoor
hello ,i have dne engg in cs and mba in marketing.i want to do phd in some business management subject from USA.i have to give gre or gmat for that?
Prasad G @monk123 2
@pbindu can u tell me which course should i apply for if i want to pursue higher education abroad after doing an MBA in India? I am planning to do so after 4 yr work ex. post MBA, that can help propel my career forward. Which is the best option? Ph.D or Executive MBA or some other course? pls help..
Lajwanti D'Souza @laj
_Sumit Sharma, Amit Kumar and Mahtab Masood with their notebook._ The grand purpose of 'SAM Initiatives', a marketing project by three class of 2012 students of Shailesh J Mehta School of Management (SJMSoM),

This is really great. When I check the prices of Notebooks these days, I really wonder how can the middle class leave aside lower middle class afford these books! If they can come up with reasonably priced good quality books it will help lot of people in need of low priced notebooks.

Hi pbindu,

Yes I was able to submit it . Actually there was mismatch between the detail I had provided in section 'Academic scores:University level and professional' and section 'upload photo and document' . I had put a document in 'upload photo and document' for which I did not put corresponding document in 'Academic scores:University level and professional'. After removing that doc from 'upload photo and document', the tick mark appeared over section 'upload photo and document'.


Thank you srivastava, I could upload it now.


Could you submit the application?

I am getting same error, 'photo and documents incomplete'!!

I added dummy sheets for all other not applicable documents, still it says like that!!

Dear Sir,

I am applying for FPM 2012, and could not upload my degree marks sheet, as it exceeded size.
Because we are supposed to put all 8 semester marks cards in one pdf, file the file becomes big, its the same with experience certificate also.

Can I email them separately?

I have submitted my application.



I am done with MBA, now want to do FPM or PHd

applied for iimb fpm and ISB fpm, would like to know about other best institutes offering same in HR and marketing.

Would like to do my phd, and get into academics.

thank you for the link

I have not yet submitted the section yet, just mail the iimb fpm section and ask for clarification.

I will also let you know if I get the tick mark.

You are applying for which area of spl?


Where you are applying?

is it for iimb?