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Hi puys.....plz tell me how's "IPE HYDERABAD".

I am interested in there PGDM(IB), how's the placement in this specialization, and is it AICTE approved??

I got selected for ITM warangal campus, should i join it??........i still have JIM noida and IILM CMS as option

plz advice.............

I have been selected for ITM Bangalore, how's it....should i go for it?

k.j somaiya pgdm(retail), bimm, ndim.
plz help if i m selctd in all dese den which to take n which to drop..

ur priority should be, bimm->k.j somaiya-> and last ndim.
Welcome to PG buddy.......

Almost most of the top MAT level colleges ask for a minimum of 50% in Graduation....I am not too sure if there is any college (good one ofcourse) under MAT where you can apply......

If you are not desparate enough to take admission this year, you can apply next year to-

P.S. Request others to pour in with their suggestions.....Ankmbaa bhai kuch sahara de do is matter main.....

thanks for that warm welcome.........
i can't afford to loose this year so plz suggest me some good colleges where i can try my luck

I am a newbie and this is my first post.
I have scored 682 marks and 90.83 %ile in feb 2011 mat and i also have working experience of 5 years but the problem is that my graduation %age is below 50%.....Is there a possibility for me to get a good college? if yes, then which colleges should i look forward to.

plzzzzz help................