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I don't know it is the correct thread to post or not.i was in a diliema
I had my ITM interview on 25th may,i was selected in ISME,bangalore, if i was offered seat in ITM bangalore or chennai,which college is the better to choose between ISME,ITM bagalore ,chennai. i want to do specialization in finance.
if comparision is not allowed please PM me with your opinion
please please reply

hai, i also got selected in isme.......

i think itm bangalore is better than isme but "chennai itm" is not fair i think....

isme is better than chennai itm....
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rah_singh2000 Says
hey hi,,,,,from which place u r

hai rahul, i`m from hyderabad,AP.

ur from bangalore i think..........

hai rahul i`m also joining in isme this july...............

pls give me a reply........

hey dude SICSR itself is a landmark!

d nearest well known area to d college is Deccan !

u can stay in dat area!

thanks for ur information..........
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hi all...

i had my gd/pi yest, at 11 ... overall, it was a fun process and it went pretty well, i think i have a good chance of converting the call

ok, so for all those who have the gd/pi today or later, here r a few things you should know:
1. for gd,:argue: we were given 2 topics, one was current issue and the other general (population of india: curse or blessing) and we had to select one, usually the dicision is unaimous as one topic is really simple... then u have 2 min thinking time and then u r to discuss for 10 min... the panel is ok kind, but the thing is they conduct the GD their way... be sure to be interrupted if u form a sub-group in the GD or if a few members are opposing... one of the girls in my group was literally asked not to speak as she was simply too agrresive ! the point i am trying to make is, that u will be given a chance to speak and make yourself very clear ... so gd will be easy to average sort. dont worry, have fun.

2.for pi, i must say i was lucky, i wasnt asked a single tech question even though i an a bcs graduate. but most ppl were asked q on their educational backgrounds and final yr subjects. i was askd q abt our family business, so it was pretty easy for me to talk on.but overall, the panels are fair n they make u comfortable, so even the pi is not an issue, yest i spoke to a few ppl n none of them were messed in their pi, so i guess it will be good if u r clear about yourself and relaxed...
some of the q asked were:
* tell me a little bit abt yourself
* why mba-it / or y nt msc-ca
* which other coll hav u applied for? which will u select if u got a call from both
* wat r your strengths
for bcs/btech ppl
* what is oop
* what is java-why is it used?
*details of the project

Finally done!!

All the best ppl!


Thanks for sharing..........
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ami.s Says
heyy frenz me too got in IBS hyderabd...can anybody tell me wich specialisation is best over thr...i mean i hv a confusion b/w finance n IB.

why don`t u share ur experience with us.............pls
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pareek.kuldeep Says
can you plzzzz tell me how we have to give representation on topic in GD, through powerpoint slides or by speech? kindly help me

I think ur in confusion or lack of information,

no gd`s, only micro presentation and PI...

In micro presentation no ohp,no ppt are allowed.......

Better to gothrough the selection kit& the previous posts in this thread.............
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hey frds...

i have got shortlisted.

at 14.30 on 23rd...

hey pavan.. i guess u r also in same slot??

seniors.. need ur help regarding gd n pi exp....

cheers to all call getters

We both on same man, All the best................
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congrats to ppl who converted their call to IBS-hyd

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post ur experiences as soon as possible guys who had completed

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