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Hi Friends, owing to the exam and placement related commitments the media committee was not that active of late here, but Arunendra has done greatly to respond well in time to all the queries. We just came to know that a mail has been circulated to some of the new joiners by an anonymous mail id claiming to be that of the current executive batch. This is just to clarify that whosoever has written it has done it in his personal capacity and majority of the batch does not support those views. The solution to be proposed has rather been depicted as a big problem which is pretty difficult to be ascertained. It a subjective issue and differs by individual's perception. So, our advice would be not to pay much heed to that and come with an open and optimistic frame of mind to this program. Placement was a concern for our batch but it is a major function of time as well. It is good that joining has been delayed for you to 1st of August and that should help in attracting more companies to campus as currently, relatively higher number of recruiters have turned up during June compared to the earlier months when the numbers were pretty low. The official placement numbers have reached 20 with some more offers in pipeline. All in all, we are pretty optimistic that the overall program structure and placement should improve in coming time. Again, the exams are starting from tomorrow so we may not be that prompt in responding back to the forthcoming queries for a week. Would keep you posted anyways on any updates from our end regularly.

aspirantmbaa Says
seniors can you please reply on this ?

Dear, as you can see that you have not been placed on the wait list. Provided the wait list gets exhausted, you would get an intimation from the admissions committee regarding the further process.
hello ankur,
can u pls tell me what kind of roles are offered to non it professionals(esp to those whor r from manufacturing sector),what is the trend(in terms of number of placement and package offered) for the operation mgmt candidates and what is ratio of number of offers made to number of student opting for placement.

Hello Dear, some of the roles that are on offer to the operations candidates this year are Senior Manager-procurement, executive assistant (this was a set designation by a PSU), Account manager. The salary hovers between the range of 10 to 18 lacs, as stated earlier. Your past experience and the kind of role you were playing is a big determining factor. In terms of number of offers, last year everyone from this sector (in line with 100% placements) got placed. But yes, you would have to acknowledge that placements in the executive program is about getting the right fit. At times, there is a practical and fair reason that you are not attracted by the Job description of the opening for which a company shortlists you and thus do not signup for that opening. Placements here is a rolling process with a candidate who gets placed, moves out of it. It normally extends well beyond the designated placement week that happens in May. Going by the past years' trends, with the current process also moving in the same direction, takes almost 3 months from the placement week for the entire batch to get placed.
Hello Seniors,

It will be good if you mention the designation/profile-offered of the selected candidates, apart from the salary. It would help us know what kinda profile being offerred.
Just to let you know, I am working in a Software Services company with a gross salary of 13L per annum. I have around 7-years of exp. Do you think the program is suitable for me. I am little confused with the mixed responses now.
Arunendra, Ankur, Can you provide your contact detail to my mail id - I have so many queries but I am not able to get the answers. the posts and information on internet is very vague and I am not getting that confidence to join the course.

Thanks much in advance.


Hello Rahul, talking particularly about the IT sector, you will find the maximum junta in class from this sector. And thus the competition as well. With regards to profiles, in the executive program almost everyone has a unique profile and we can firmly say it as we are witnessing in the ongoing placement season, companies differentiating a 5 year IT candidate from another one of the same sector and equal work experience on the basis of his past role and MBA majors. Yours is definitely a niche kind of profile with salary on the higher side. There are some students with the kind of profile like yours in the current batch as well. Unlike a two year program, the salary offered here is after discussion and negotiation between the company and the candidate. If post MBA salary in your case is a big consideration factor, I would suggest you to look at the past numbers that would assist you in the process. The highest package offered over the last 3 years has been in the range of 18 to 19 lacs with some IT candidates of the kind of profile like yours (7+ years of work experience in software) getting around 18 lacs from companies like HCL and ICICI Bank last year. This year, people with the kind of profile like yours are still in process of evaluations and hence can not comment on the monetary aspect till they convert it. The past salaries can act as a reference point for you to chalk out an approximate figure if you join IMT's program. The profiles on offer to these shortlisted candidates are Project Manager, BDM and Assistant VP.
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@Senior pls sugget when the wait list will publish. Will this publish in IMT website.

Hi dear, Going by the past years' trends, there is no wait list information published on the website as the same procedure is followed across all the programs. Around 5th of June, candidates converting from the wait list would be intimated.
Congratulations to every one for final convert after such a though processes conducted by imt I think ever one deserves a round of applause! Its Rahul here from bbsr 6years of work ex in British Oxygen, GMAT score of 650/CAT 87.xy and Mechanical Engineering from Govt. college. I planning not to enroll for this program as Im thinking that Best is Yet to come for me and I can work on my GMAT/CAT score. I dont want to compare this program with any other top institute program, but, I was going through some of the threads and previous post and came across some strange comments about the program, like final placements faculty field base desertion method of selection etc. I would like to share such a thread here can any one comment on this

1. Hi to all
everybody must be eagerly waiting for joining this course, myself from current batch would like to share my experience

1) IMT is not what it says all about , its not place to fulfill your dream, though it says a lot about itself but industries and corporates knows its value best. Few of the corporate even do not consider it as an MBA college. This course is for the people who are getting 3-4 lacs , not for people like us who left job of 8-9 lacs and were with top companies in India

2) You guys are putting here an investment of 1 year - 7 Lacs Fee + 1 Year salary = 15 Lacs , what will you get out of this, a feeling of disguise in the campus and a whole lot of pain for placement, 20 placed till now even economy is good, there is no corporate relationship building exercise in IMT

3) A dead program coordinator who is good for nothing and dead course, and a placement coordinator who do not know even how to write in english

4) An over crowded campus ,a whole lot of mess in mess

5) Last 3 months you will be left on mercy of GOD , there will be no faculty , no program coordinator, only you and your frustrations will be there

6) For first few months you people will feel unity is strength and blah blah and but believe 60 is nothing in front of 520 ( Strength of regular course)

My advice take it as a break for one year, do not aspire too high, keep working with your profile and do not fool by IMT though it says it is one of top 10 , go on to iimjobs,com site designed for people who look for jobs post MBA and there is not even a single job who recognize IMT as leading B-School

Originally Posted by bechandan
Hi to all of you, who are imt ghaziabad executive mba aspirants

I also got the offer letter for the executive mba. I visited the institute yesterday and was fortunate enough to meet some of current batch guys (playing TT..).

Here are few of the useful info I could gather from their interaction.

1. As far as placements are concerned, they are bleak this year. To say the least, the current batch is just 1 month from completion and placement scenario is disastrous. Only 4 out of the batch of 60 have been placed through campus and rest are on their own.

2. And the future is not bright either as we cannot expect market conditions to improve miraculously in one year.

3. When coming to IMT ghaziabad for this course, just keep in mind that you are here to upgrade your skills and not to seek to any high paying placments.

4. If you wish to change your profile through this course, then forget about it because there are hardly any who are able to do it successfully. So be prepared to go back to same industry you have come from.

5. For IT guys there is more bad news, there are few IT companies who visit for recruitment. (It applies to me too...)

4. When any approaches the institute for recruitment, the intitute pushes for the 2 year program which is their flagship program and executive program always gets a second priority.

5. The positives about this insititute is that they atleast have got the placement cell in place for executive program unlike other institutes like MDI.

6. The course content, infrastructure and faculty are good.

After working for 5-7 years, sitting even one day at home without job can be very frustrating. With current market conditions, you may find yourself seeking jobs all over again just like when you were freshers years ago.
Therefore, my advice to all will be to be prepared for tough times ahead if you join this program.

I hope this will help to clear the picture. Please share more info on this.

Can anyone help me to come out of this dilemma?

Experience: 7 yrs
Industry - IT
Its really sad to read about the placement scenario at IMT, Ghaziabad. Check out the following link to know about placement scenes at other colleges:

MBA Placements 2009 : IIMs, FMS, JBIMS, XLRI and other top B-Schools
SPJIMR PGPM program defies downturn with 100% placement MBA Placements 2009 : IIMs, FMS, JBIMS, XLRI and other top B-Schools


Hello Rahul, there was a discussion around the post you quoted earlier as well. Would ask you to go through the previous pages to read the follow up posts. And yes, please substantiate your own apprehensions for having a detailed discussion with other candidates rather than quoting someone's stray remarks. In addition, the link you were trying to put in your post hasn't come by properly. But would advice you to quote the placement reports of 1 year programs rather than the 2 year placements here.
How much is total fees?
How to apply for education loan?
In-staid of DD, can we transfer money using net banking?
List of documents required?

Seniors please throw some light on this..

Hi dear, fee for the program is Rs. 755500 and the payment schedule for our batch is mentioned on the link below
Fee Structure
The same should hold true for your batch well and the new timelines would be updated on the website soon. I am sure in the email you have received the amount to be paid in first installment must be mentioned. RTGS facility is available and the details would be available in your offer mail. Once you have the hard copy of offer letter you can approach the banks for availing education loan. Apart from the offer letter, every bank has different document requirements in which your educational certificates, 3rd party guarantee (if your loan amount exceeds 4.5 lacs) or a monetary surety in lieu of that, are some mandatory ones. IMT falls under the scholar loan category of SBI, but would ask you to explore other banks nearby as well. Otherwise, almost every bank is present in the close vicinity of IMT and in case you can arrange the first installment from your own resources, you can approach the banks and get the loan once you are here in campus.
hello ankur ,
till yesterday i was very upset as i didn't any sms. however just now i recieved an email from imt adcom regarding provisional offer of admission to the Program of Post Graduate Diploma in Management (Executive) of IMT Ghaziabad for the Academic Sessions of 2011-2013.
after this i am more confused as it states academic session 2011-2013 a two year course.
please clarify as no one from office is picking up the phone.
and i am yet to recieve any sms.
others who have received an email pls confirm about the session.

Hi dear, a typographic error from admin that should not have happened in the first place. The program would get over in November 2012 itself.


Congrats to everyone who got thru and welcome to the IMT fraternity! For those, who haven't yet received the message maybe the network connection could be the bottleneck. Was there in the class for last some while and thus coudn't inform this earlier. But yes, we had a word with the admissions chairperson and the messages have in fact been sent as per the correct list, the ones that had your correct records at time of interview. The reason they haven't updated it on the website is because of conflicting form numbers of people who appeared for the process on 8th of May and some 2 year aspirants. To avoid any ambiguities the messages have been sent to selected people to start with, and the emails along with the snail mails containing the details would also be sent starting from tomorrow. So, finally the patience must have fructified for many of you. Keep on sharing the updates as and when you receive the sms.

PS: To clarify, the messages have been sent to the selected candidates thus far.

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crack_1 Says
but how many in all have been placed/are in process of getting placed? btw any updates regarding our results?

As I said dear, 2 people have been placed and 10 more are in the final stages of evaluations, where the probabilistic chances of bagging the desired profile are on a higher side. Others are in the process of appearing in different stages of interviews, but definitely not the final ones.
On results, as soon as we get any concrete updates would post here.