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for dos ppl who r lookng for suggstns n d secnd sure about ur own field...dats wat u took for UG dey question u a lot about t. and also about the specializatn u wana very confident.....and if u dnt knw sumthng take d courage to say u dnt knw rather than blabberng stupidity........

dey sd der wud b more placemnts abroad...dats wat dey claim

nothing lik dat.....i guess dey filtered during the pi process....coz i jus had months work exp n im n main gal who has 2 yrs work in kengeri......soo its acc to ur perfrmnc at pi

hey i agree wd u as well.......der ws sum ppl who din even giv a sensible MP n next day i was shocked to find all des ppl in for also selected for the pgm at the main campus...but seein all des im confused wedr i shud join or not....can sum1 pls tell me that pgdm/mba wud only hav 120.........550 is fr all d pgms tgdr

hey guys hw did ur pi go..mine was stress kinda...........fingers crossed

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hey guys mine went well.....all three were real easy

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dis is unesco in general

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can somebody tell me wat d gd topics for christ wud be; herd we can gt arnd 50 topics dat are sure to come..pls guys help...mine is on 28th jan.