*Yuhoo* Happy birthday Allwin Saar

Have a great year ahead
You guys got a replacement :sneaky:

phikr not! Tumhara replacement nahi ho sakta!
Naice PG meet after a while. Met many people. I was feeling like Newbie

2.) Paruu still can't play mafia

hee hee! Bherry phunny! :biggrin:
Will be there!
Sunday evening with Pagals was great~
Loads of Mafia and meeting so many nooobees was great fun!

Dinner with Pearl, Prashant, kunal, anshul, khatana was super fun! Ofcourse Cat from TCS was flaunting the importance employee~satifaction

Link to photu's from my 2MP is here :

yet another great PG meet.

P.P.P.S : Thanks Rohit, Kunal actually brought chocolates for us.

:wow: Meri choclate?

Kinji aapne mere liye rakhi bhi nahi! :sneaky:

Next time I want it with Interest

P.S : Anshul.. WE gonna miss you! :|

*waiting for high resolution pics*

It was phun!!

I enjoyed a lot!

Had a gr8 time with nikhil, mridool,anshoool, kinji,shagil and saibo :D

P.S Good Initiative!
The Mafia fever which gripped PGites at the AIPGM is back!

We are planning to have a Bangalore Mafia Meet this week.. Can't push it further than this week as our very own PG Mafia Mod- nik.nat (Mods ka Mods :D)is leaving Bangalore on Saturday morning..


Date, Time and Venue have been decided:
Friday, 17th June 5.30pm Sharp at Koramangala CCD
-> Please make sure you reach on time as we would already be having very less time considering the record time we played at the AIPGM

Please bring your friends along as well.. the more the people, the more people the Mafias have to kill

PS- This too will probably be the last Bangalore PG meets for me and grewal.ashwani (of course, for this year )

My ophice till 9pm..
If its still on..then will join at 9pm.

P.S Mridul : kya baat, kya baat, kya baat!
PG meet in same coffee day where I had my first meet!

Met khatana and Seba outside and then we three headed inside. I told khatana, If this meet is about Quant and DI..I am bhaaging!:biggrin:

then Met kinji, diablorulez, noobies..! Anshul came afterwards and birbal ji ne VIP entry maari!

Meet went awesome. loads of Bakar in which half of the the time IIM analysis was on..courtsey Diablorulez

After Meet, photu seesion (My phavourate part ) and Birbal suggested that I should not delay my CAT prepz!

After that, me khatana and anshul headed to have scrumptious Lazeez roles! :mouthwatering:

Anshul ka Party karne ka mann tha, aur ab abshul ki baat koi kaise mana ka sakta hai .. headed Purple Haze and had awesome tym!

P.S It was really nais to meet Diablorulez, IIM waalo ki baat hi kuch aur hain! ;)

P.P.S : I am taking Birbal'z and Seba'z suggestion quite seriously and taking CAT. bahot ho gaya!

P.P.S: @Kinji : aap saari choclates le gaye! :sneaky:

so the next treat's on me...

*yay* Leela ijj Waiting!

Sorry guys could not make it was in the middle of getting a new fone and giving away the old one

11th or 12th anyone available :lookround:

:w00t: which one?

P.S: Saari chocopie khatm ho gayi! :briggin:
Slayer23 Says
Happy birthday... Hope you had all the fun...

Thankuu Slayer! I had Loads of Fun!

P.S Birbal, U din play Maafia!
Thank you all for lubly wishes!! Made My Day!!