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I am not selected.:(

SPJain... here I come.


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Would it be safe....?


I believe it should be safe if we send it thru reputed courier.

We always have a tracking number and they gurantee next business day delivery... e.g. blueDart, DTDC, DHL.

Yes, before you send, do take a photoCopy of the draft and keep it with you. In the worst case if it is missed somewhere, u can should immediately get the duplicate one.

I am sending it by BlueDart. Mumbai is so popular among couriers, they surely will deliver the next days. I'll send it on 23rd

SpeedPost is something I do not trust bcoz of a past incidence of delaying my docs more than 10 days!!


Seems thread is puffed with tension and anxity,

Lets talk something else....


@Manav/ @Prasanna,

Should we get formal attire/suits? How often do we need to wear this during the course?

SMILE GUYS, :D:happy:, We have made into THE BEST B-School.. We will rock for sure.

.. ... ....

Gud work !!

Folks..confirmation mails are being sent out in batches as the DDs arrive. I would still suggest u call up at the number provided below to confirm tat ur DD has reached.

Hey Puys,

I talked to Mr Ramesh Kharat. I got this reply in local hindi: "DD pohonch jayega to apko mail mil jayega, faltu me aap log time khoti karr rahe ho phone karr karr k".

I tracked my DD-courier. It reached to SPJain today morn at 11 am. No confirmation mails till 5 pm. We have sent 35k guys, atleast they should confirm the payment on the phone. May be there are in gr8 frustration after receiving many ph calls.... lets wait for the mail....

I already have a laptop with AMD processor.

Hey deeptig5,

I believe this would do.

As far as you have drivers available for your Lappi's h/w, AMD or Intel doesn't matter. We may need to install a few analysis s/w and that is concerned with OS and not underlying processor.

I have a DELL XPS, with 512 mb RAM, I am going to use the same after upgrading the RAM.

So Cheers!!:D

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Hey Puys,

Finally a big kudos:cheerio: to all who have made it.:hurray:... And Good luck to those who are waiting for the waitlist.

I am also in... for IM.. yeah yeah.:xmas:

See you there.... Welcome to "OUR" SPJain....:


CAT 07: 97.10%tile.
Profile based call from IM.
Above Avg types interviews.
BE Computer Engg from NIT with gold medal.
Good ACADs in 10th 12th.
Ok types Extra Curriculars.


Converts: SPJ(IM):poketoungeb:, IMT-G, GLIM.
Waitlisted: NITIE(6th).
Waiting: IIMB, MDI.

but today i got Hold On mail in which they said if the waitlist candidates dont turn up they will call me as i am next in the line.
Any body facing similar situation...

I have got the same yesterday... saying that... as your rank is next highest in our list. So please ignore the previous mail and consider yourself on hold for admission to our PGPM program.:eh:

I was 5th waitlisted candidate.

Hey Ashish,
Till what rank in PGDITM, wailist was cleared last year? :eh:I am 6th this year. Just wanted to know last year's data. Pls.


Hey Puys,

Congo to all who have made to NITIE.

I am 6th in the waitlist PGDITM.. Look forward to joining NITIE.. Hoping for the best.

Good Luck to all Wait-Listers and Great Luck to Converters.. Their Great Luck can make Waitlisters luck Good:-P

It makes sense to logically justify your choosing that particular institute - don't go saying stuff like "I'll pick IMT over an IIM" - I know some folks who did this.

Q 2 me: "Which 1 will u join? IMT or SPJain?"
my Ans: "Ma'am, If it comes to a happy situation that I can select the one between these two, I MAY join SPJain."

(As usual) Q 2 me: "Why?"
my Ans: "Both are excellent institutes. The selection procedure of SPJain is such that it brings studs from more diverse background... then some stuff @ peer learning... so I may join SPJain. However, both are excellent institutes and I look forward to be a part of IMT."

"THE END" of the interview:
"Parth. We feel that you are not fit for this program. In IMT you'll get more freshers as peers. We suggest you to join SPJain or apply for 1 yr executive MBA prog from IMT. We suggest you not to waste two full yrs. Thank you. All the best."

The end left me thinking and so was the promt reply in NITIE:p.