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gaming is fun at IIM Indore

no matter waht time of day (or night) the server starts and teh melodious sounds of CV - 47 or Kreig rock the floor. There are two games that are very popular at our campus and they are AOE and CS. These are religiously followed no matter how many assignments or exams the next day, but yes that does not mean that we leave assignments! , they are also done on time :)

waise it ll be more fun to experience it on campus. no words can describe the joy we derive from these games


BTW, I did not get any e-mail. But got the offer letter. Seriously what is going on? I confirmed with the Indore office today that I got thru. Brain had been in self-destruct mode for the last week but now it's in hyper mode.
Hey am an avid gamer but have not played much on LAN. How is the competition on counter -strike ??
and btw can I send the DD and acceptance letter seperately??

dats true that indore comes out with wl pretty late than colleges like MDI becoz its interviews are also held later.

I also deposited fee at MDI last year and then had to forego a large chunk of it since i had to come to I and same was with other two guys who lost much more than me since they had started with acads at MDI. so gusy this is all part of game since an IIM is an IIM and such opportunities dont come again and again.

So take decisions playing safe and at same time dont worry about money lost at diff colleges since this ll be nothing when you start earning the moolah


alokgoel Says
have Indore call...right now taking it up...If L converts,,,then will leave I seat and will immedaitely inform on the thread...L WL number is 276...pleeeeease pray for me...

the only things that ll matter to you in 1 st year ll not be much of quant though you need to know some basic stats which ll be taught. if you have cleared engg it wont be much of a fight......

waise you can do lil bit of linear programming and some basic stats of sampling if you get hold of any book or else if you are more concerned you can come down for the prep course which ll be 5 days before 28..

my view nothing much to be worried about


Thanks Piyush.

Ek aur Quant intensive is the course ?? I am mathematically challenged inspite of being an Engg !! If you can give me a brief gist of what topics I gotta be upto speed on, I wouldnt mind spending some time on those before I come over to I.


hey i am missing the blowing winds on the hill top track already. feel like goin to shimla or kasauli to get that feel.

chandigarh is getting warmer day by day and its really a paini to work here after staying in junnat for good 10 months

c ya ll there v soon


Life at IIM indore -

i came to realize when i came for my summers,

the campus is cool as all of you would have seen from the pics posted by payne.

one thing i am missing right now is the long walks round teh hillock and sitting for hours in amphitheater when i wanted to do stargazing,

these things you can find only at some places and more so one thing that i am missing is the late night chats with friends and playing CS At 4 in morning. really i am looking fwd to be back on the campus to be with everybody.... missing you all

signing off from chd


Here are the pics as promised.

A massive compilation of pics of IIM-I - growing everyday.

A few more pics...

Some beautiful scenes here..

Lots of images of life here...

Beauty captured.

Scenes from places near I

Lotsa pics here...

This is for now...enjoy.

A small teaser here>>


hello all

i think Indore is a place where PI is not one of the difficult things to crack. unlike other places, proffs are very cordial and they dont try to screw the students.

Regarding a lot of emphasis om acads that i have read so far, i feel that itall depends upon you. the acads that most of guys are asked are not hardcore fundamentals but superficial knowledge of the subject, the proffs dont go in detail untill you show an inclination to acads.

for work ex junta, not answering acads doesnot go against you untill you dont even know the basics of what you have read.

last year i answered only 70 percent of acad and GA question, but i was stron at what i am doing inmy job and i think that helped me clear it !!

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i am doing my summers with Godrej in chandigarh.....

can any body tell me if i can get to stay at UBS during my summers and if rules of insti allows so what is the formal channel for it.

mail me at /


PS expecting a quick response

while investing people generally try to find oout companies which have lower than the industry average. P/E ratios are comaprable within the industry but looking at it from outside you cant compare cosmetics to consumer durables ;)

EPS is the net profit that a company has after interest, taxes per share outstanding in the market. Higher the EPS the higher the value of a share in the market as it shows better earning potentials. If you find a company that is low in MV but has high EPS, then the share is worth the money in long term. In short term you ll have to see teh environmental factors associated with the company, industry and economy to take a decision


p/e: Price earnings ratio of the share. Tells you at what multiple of FY earnings it is trading. Very high P/E=>overpriced.

EPS: Earnings per share. The amount the company earns when it sells the share to you.


i also want to prepare for June 2006, but i am scouting for material.

is thereanyway that you can send me the copy of material and i can share some cost that you have paid for the material

plz respond


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yes you can try GMAT out as your overall score is good enuff to show that you have talent

let me give you some advice for GMAT since I have worked with The Princeton Review

Its not only your GMAT score or your acads that count towards your admission in the US universities.

Yes, a good score and good acads augment your possibilities of an admission, but they dont assure a person of admission, there have been many cases where people getting 780/800 have been denied admission in to even tier II universities.

It is the overall personality that you convey to them that matters. yes your engineering CGPA would be quite lower than their average requirements but you could have good chance in universities that are ranked post 25 or so, if you have good GMAT score and you have a good SOP / Essay to vouch for the fact that you are capable enuff.

Speaking all this I would still say that you should get some descent calls even from IIMs, since your overall is good, you never know with IIM's as it is not only the cut offs but a host of other things as well that count for your call status

Dont lose heart, start prep for GD / Interview and if not then only think about GMAT


helloo guyz can anyone helpme

I am studying my Eng final year, wrote CAT this year and getting a score of 54.66

VA/RC :24
QA :22

havent applied to any other college other than IIMS and i i think i wont get into IIM as i think i wont be able to pass through the cutoffs in DI ,so me planning to write GMAT in this february,can anyone tell me the chances of getting a seat in US as i have very poor acads and no work experience
10th standard :81%
INTER :86%
ENGG :60% had few backloggs but now cleared
work experience :zero
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