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Hi puys ,

i would like to mention some things here friends that i have come across.As an aspirant for dec.09 i think time for curriculum is insufficient , but you would be amazed to know that if you start with it , scheweser would find a back seat.yes i mean it .
myth : Scweser is too vast.
For every topic there are too many helping examples , too many exhibits.etc.If a person is able to grasp the concept no need to read examples .
Also if you see the last 20% of material includes solutions to problems .
So i think curriculum is the best way to study.

Next comes learning.When a person wants to do CFA , he means L1,L2 and L3 . but if you read notes for L1 for me L2 would be almost a hurculean task difficult to crack in six june 10.
let me cite an :

if you read notes on equity i tell you its very casual.Even you wont know modus operendi of software The lag between u put ur order through and execution of the order.May be one would argue as most of the ppl on pg say notes are sufficient and it wont be so much tough an exam it being L1 only . i think thats exactly why they find L2 a toughie.

Lastly it is not easy to stay with the material that you cant relate to real world when i came across probability in quant it was amazing , nothing to do with Cards, no dices nothing , its only how is it used in Portfolio management .Now if you see schweser notes they are obsessed with dice and cards etc.In sum Curri.sustains the interest of the reader if you wish to read for 2hrs you will end up atleast half hr more and not less.

This all is my personal opinion , might attract some or infuriate some.
I've myself not completed all study sessions.Just done with quant , economics , Half of equity and half of FSA , still too much of curriculum to finish but i love the curriculum way.
Thats all.thank all

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hi ,

i registered for dec.1 in first week of aug from pune. with hsbc card.Went thru with a lightening speed and got the material in 3 working days thru upsc..van.I had purchased schweser material and culci.TIBA pro. for 2950 in bombay some area in is perfect to use.Also i came across on pg some puys who sail in the same boat and had a little short meeting in deccan side.

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Hi,Guys from today count me in as a serious cfa aspirant about the registration waiting for the dollar-rs balance turn favourable as it could turn so post elections as per most of the forex managers.
now initiative taken by puys to discuss on google is praiseworthy but i have missed economics . any i am starting prep from now on.

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Hi puys,
strange that there is not much action in this thread but anyways
i got my schweser notes from mum.yesterday.
have started with the ethics part already. if any one wants to form group in pune most welcome . had a look at the material it is interesting chi square , z-test,T-test, all force me go down my memory lane. anyways CFA is worth.
Biggest reward for job is job done itself.Hope this peps up.Bye Bye.

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centre. renuka school
Tilak road
all puys yes we can god bless u and may god bless pg.
bye bye

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moi scores pathetic again .no improvement again.

QA. 15.33
E- . 14.33
Di.. 12.33

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hello puys , after a lon time positing a question , this one from arun sharma

Q1 .A covered a distance of 96 kms two hrs faster than he had planned to .This he achieved by travelling 1 km more every hour than he intended to cover every 1 hr 15 mins. What was the speed at which A travelled during the journey.1.16 2. 26 3. 36 4.none
pls post the answer with explanation.thanks and bye bye ...

i know bro thats why i want to know what was the cutoff for the current that one could get a feel of %ile get thru it.

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i am back if u r there gaurav.loved ur thread.back after corporate experience life without mba is tough.

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hi can anyone tell me pls cuttoff for niapune for 2008-10 batch.pls

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