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How is this course? even I was waitlisted before but, got dcp now..:/

Didn't get a call at close..:(:(

Why is there no poll on this thread ? Or is it that the poll is only on the previous results' thread.

Anyways, I am ok with the score, dont mind a retake, but not willing though :biggrin:..

QA : 87
LS: 65
LR : 71

OA: 223

Any specific reason i should go for a retake ?

How to score more in LR>>??
QA: 71

Got 198..
have a second attempt left..
any idea where to study the matrix questions from?

Is there some other book for the solutions of the block review tests...?
Just the answer key is given not the solutions..:(

find the remainder when (38^16!)^1777 is divided by 17

a. 1
b. 16
c. 8
d. 13

Couldn't solve it..what is the answer..?